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$5,000 would more than pay for the accommodation and then you can stay where you want. Probably an even better outcome.

But the winner would just need to be aware of that before they go spending the $5k on other things first


Hence why it pays to read the terms and conditions before you enter


From tonight’s Media Watch.


Just saw it… what the heck… welcome to stupidity

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Interesting to read Capital’s statement. I don’t think anyone was doubting that the winners were “real people”. The doubt is that each station inferring that the winner is a local. I’m sure it’s not illegal but it’s dodgy smoke and mirrors.

Mind you, Capital is not exactly inventing the wheel, here. Austereo was pulling this trick about 15 years ago.


Yes, Media Watch covered that too back in 2005 (19 years ago, in fact (!)).


i was close-ish :wink: Although I don’t think that’s the promotion/competition that I was thinking of. There was one where there was an hourly (or so) segment with a different announcer to the one doing the shift but included listeners calling in or being called, so I am guessing it was an announcer/segment based at 2Day but piped through to Fox, etc. But it was never disclosed as such. It was always very vague in that no suburb or locality names were ever given but it was never truly revealed (unless one read the T&Cs I guess) that the contest was a “national” one.

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And in 2021, during Alphabucks, when Hit were using slogans like the “Central Coasts radio first millionaire” to make it sound like it was a local competition or winner (as the winner’s name in every market was Stacey).


Opinion piece by Radio Today’s Sarah Patterson on CRN’s editing.

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Win - 6iX

I wonder if this is in response to the MediaWatch story above?

6iX’s latest tactic is very Perth-focused.

Probably not considering it’s been running since before the MediaWatch story aired.

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He will commence on his new role from Monday 8th July.