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Current 2DU Dubbo breakfast presenter, Richard Perno, will take over as drive presenter for 2CC from Monday 26th February, replacing Chris Coleman, who has resigned from the station.

Meanwhile, over on sister station 2CA, Cathy Dinn will take over the drive slot from Greg ‘Robbo’ Robson, who has decided to take a break from radio. She will also start from Monday 26th February.

Source: Radioinfo



Paul Holmes, formerly of 2Day breakfast, then later on WSFM drive & Hot Tomato, is the new breakfast presenter for 2CA.



Big thumbs down to this.


Luke Bona’s “Nightshift” program is now broadcast on Mix 106.3


Listening to some good radio too?

Been a long time coming for Mix to take the show.


Mix 106.3 allegedly caught putting out fake traffic reports on Easter Monday. The Australian Traffic Network it is suggested could have been just playing out a standard recording of weekday traffic delays and that they were not actually providing a real time traffic report on that day. On public holidays there are rarely any traffic problems in Canberra.


I highly doubt it was a deliberate action. It may have been a technical issue, or the reporter was a few seconds late or the announcer a few seconds early and the new report wasn’t registered in the FTP server


I’m sure they’ll rely on such an excuse!

That’s great fodder for Mediawatch, great find @littlegezzybear


Just noticed on their website that Mix 106.3 is airing Kennedy Molloy at 6-8pm weeknights.

Source: Mix 106.3 website

I’ve also just noticed whilst browsing their Facebook page that Mix 106.3 now broadcasts every Canberra Raiders matches this NRL season, with one of the callers being former 2CC drive presenter Chris Coleman.

More from their website:


Yep. I was running errands in the arvo on Good Friday and heard the exact same traffic report every fifteen minutes. I passed through a couple of the areas mentioned and they were absolutely deserted.

The traffic reports on Mix and 104.7 are terrible. Unless they’ve received an accident report they just report major arterial roads as being slow to pad it out, and the announcers are clearly interstate because they mispronounce names on a constant basis. One announcer has been calling Cooyong St “Coowong St” for the last month, but then it’s only a fairly busy road in the CBD.

Just googled one of the main presenters of the traffic report, and their team is based in Sydney.

They run a local drive show with Courtney from 3-6. Assume they’ve done this so they don’t go against Hughesy and Kate. I usually just stream MMM instead.


We’re not THAT bad. The ATN teams are based in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide. And once we’re made aware of a mispronunciation (i.e Manuka), we try and improve.


How do ATN source the data for their regional traffic reports? In most towns there’s only a small handful of roads/intersections that can get even remotely busy and they rarely vary. The traffic report are virtually useless and completely miss out any major disruptions such as accidents and special events.


And that’s the problem. It’s not the reporters, it’s the content. Canberra has limited traffic cameras. They’d be better off reporting by exception (listeners calling in accidents) like they used to do, rather than just running through the usual hot spots in lieu.


Yeah, The Parkway heading into Civic is always busy 8:00-9:00am, really no point in regurgitating that every morning.


Aside from some traffic cameras, we use a number of GPS traffic maps for regional markets: google maps, livetraffic etc


Google Maps is good when it has up to date information, in fact it can be and is great. But it also appears to use regular traffic congestion that can happen at a particular time and day to assume it is happening at other times and on other days. Google Maps very often tells me there is congestion on a road when there just isn’t any issues at all.


I want to have a go at this too, but this is probably a more relevant thread to do Canberra Radio Ratings Predictions (especially with the FM stations actually being a joint venture between ARN and SCA).

With the national capital traditionally being a strong ABC town, I’d probably expect ABC Radio Canberra to be #1 or close to it in the ratings.

I reckon Mix 106.3 will probably be in 2nd place, with Hit 104.7 at #3. The reason I say this is because (from what I can gather) Mix 106.3 is going in with an unchanged lineup from the last radio ratings survey, while Hit 104.7 have new presenters this year in the form of Ned & Josh on breakfast and Gemma Maddox in the afternoon.

Elsewhere, the recent presenter changes at 2CA and 2CC won’t make much movement to the ratings of either station IMO.

If I’m not mistaken, Skyfire is Canberra’s big fireworks display held once a year on a Saturday night in March.

Canberra Radio Ratings Survey #1 for 2018 covers about eight weeks from February 4 to March 31.

From what I can gather, that didn’t help the ratings for Hit 104.7 in Survey #1 the past two years.


Another observation about the traffic reports - when I hear them on the Sydney stations with the same presenters we have here, they always sound like they’re phoned in. The local reports on Mix and Hit have crystal clear audio…

I’ve stopped listening to Hit - I used to enjoy Ryan and Tanya, and Hamish and Andy. Both are gone and I find the replacements for both shows terrible.


Are you right there?