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Late April Fools’ whoever floated this idea do you think @lovethedrake???


Been doing it since Feb


2DAY bfast producer needed in Melb:



Canberra Radio Ratings out tomorrow:
My Guess
Hit will take out #1FM maybe #1 because Skyfire 30 in the middle of Survey 1

Canberra Radio

Isn’t Skyfire just a one night event? How many weeks is the survey?

Canberra Radio

Yes but Hit sponsor the event and that would then boost ratings for the next week or two

Canberra Radio

Just heard a promo on 2DAY that I hadn’t heard before… Including listener feedback… One that said “I came away from KIIS FM. They just kept playing the same things over and over”…

I’ve never heard a promo that mentioned a rival station before on any station. They usually only say “the other station(s)”.


I’ve heard them a number of time within the last month or so.


I mentioned another similar one they have with Nova, earlier in the thread.


Brendan Fevola has signed a new two-year contract with Fox, a reward for good ratings for the breakfast show.


Attack promos. You do it when you’re desperate. 2DAY are desperate.

Great in joke for those within the industry or follow it but lost on the target audience, just another piece of clutter to them or taken negatively by those who have a conscience. Unnecessary, don’t need them.


It’s very interesting that during his time on radio, Fevola hasn’t been in the headlines for negative reasons.


I can’t think of another major commercial network in the world who’s flagship station has a playlist as wide and varied as 2Day FM right now.

Personally, I’m loving it.


Their flagship is FOX now


2Day playing a “Variety 500” playlist tomorrow (17/4) from 8am.


How long is the Variety 500 due to go on for? They won’t get through 500 tracks in one day.


It started yesterday


Fiona O’loughlin in for Fifi Box this morning on Fox


Interesting. She’s had a controversial history.


How come 2Day FM were playing More Music More Variety at 10pm-12am Last Night while on all other Hit Stations including Fox were playing Collective Noun, I thought if shows like Collective Noun that have chosen to stay on air during the survey break that every Hit Station that would normally broadcast Collective Noun at that time would??