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It’ll be very interesting to see how local listeners react to the relaunched Hit 104.7 next year. Not to mention Tim Shaw’s breakfast show on 2CC, among other things.


Hit 104.7 will be interesting. Will they remain on the Gold Coast log or go their own way with more rhythmic sounds, rather than the rockier GC log.

Will Mickey Maher hit the switch and change NX over in Newcastle? I really don’t know how that will go down up here.


Heard a 2016 promo today - promoting their shows and community involvement activities.

It ended with “In 2016, Hit 104(point)7”


Hit 104’.'7 has now officially launched.


Change of station name and new breakfast show only, but playlist is still from the Gold Coast music log as per all hit regionals.


Have heard comments from others, that since the change to Hit 104.7, there’s now many periods of dead air, triggering the backup tape, promo’s, etc, playing in the middle of songs, & that it’s over processed.

People are not liking it & not happy.

It’s obviously been more than just a name change.

Don’t know why they’d change the processing, & are they taking more networking feeds & cue’s, that don’t work over what was local?

Anyone passing through or within earshot of Canberra care to comment?


I can’t comment on programing but somehow I’m not quite sure why SCA made major changes to the branding and programing of the Canberra station when it’s to my understanding that 104.7 was at or near the top of the Canberra radio ratings before the change.

In contrast to 2DayFM Sydney which has been rating very poorly (one of SCA’s worst performing stations, I’d think) and have decided to continue branding the station as 104.1 2DayFM (after briefly trialling “Hit 104.1 2DayFM” branding at the start of 2015), who on earth knows what SCA management are doing with their stations!


Driving up today and will report back next week.

Two reasons I’d suspect:

  1. 104.7 would be seen as having little (or no) identity - no defining brand. Clearly, it wasn’t an issue in the market - suits in Sydney probably had the mindset of “What is 104.7? No one will know what music they play because they have no real name!” and so tacked the HIT brand onto it.
  2. It would also be happening as a test market, to see if the rollout can work at the likes of NXFM Newcastle, or Sea FM Gold Coast. I still believe they’re taking the GC log - does the Hit brand work when the stations have a rock-leaning CHR format?

There’s still this idea, I suspect, within SCA Sydney that the “mighty” 2DayFM can “rise again”, despite not allowing it growth and playing reactionary games to each book. 2014 could have been a clean slate, so could 2015 and 2016. Someone needs to have bitten the bullet much earlier: now, they’re in it for the long haul.


I’ve heard a couple of instances lately, but dead air isn’t uncommon on 104.

(I also use the term ‘dead air’ to describe the Scoopla show, but that’s another matter)


pretty sure that’s not coming back, thankfully.


[quote=“RFBurns, post:7, topic:144, full:true”]
Have heard comments from others, that since the change to Hit 104.7, there’s now many periods of dead air, triggering the backup tape, promo’s, etc, playing in the middle of songs, & that it’s over processed.[/quote]
None of that seemed to happen while I was there. Not the greatest sounding station, but certainly on par with Mix106.3. Speaking of Mix, one of the networked bulletins on Sunday played out twice - one after the other. Didn’t hear that on Hit.

Plenty of taxis around Civic and Braddon with ads for Hamish & Andy with the Hit branding, I noticed.


There’s similar ads for Ryan and Tanya.


Thank god.

From what I could tell yesterday, it was Hamiah and Andy from 4-6, followed by an hour that basically replayed the highlights of the preceding two hours of Hamish and Andy. Presumably the Hit 30 followed at 7.


From the Southern Cross Austereo (Regional) thread, regarding changes to LocalWorks stations

I forgot to mention that Mix106.3 is now running the “Canberra’s Best Mix” positioner. Is the station on the Gold Coast log, or is this done locally?


Judging by a post in the ‘Hourly Logs’ thread on the old forum back in November, Mix 106.3’s music log is done locally.


Unless it’s recently changed, Mix 106.3 is using a local music log. It’s a bit “smoother” than those localworks logs. Perhaps most similar to Mix 102.3 or 97.3.


2CC drive presenter, Marcus Paul, has resigned from the station. He had been with the station for 4 years, the last 2 1/2 years of which he was drive presenter. Rod Henshaw will replace him in the short term until a new host is secured by Capital Radio Network.

Source: Radio Today


It’s been announced that Chris Coleman, former ABC radio presenter, will be presenting drive on 2CC from Tuesday 29th March.

Source: The Canberra Times


Didn’t take them long at all to make that decision, I am glad to see it has gone to Chris because he loved being on air with the ABC in Wagga but due to the restructuring, wasn’t keen on adding additional duties to maintain it.

Word has it that Marcus Paul is off to some work at i98.