Canberra Radio


At least the STL’s will be much shorter


Well shorter for 2CC, but longer for 2CA.
It was incorrectly implied in that video that both stations are transmitter from that site, but 2CA’s site is in Mitchell. Their current studios are approximately at the halfway point between the transmission sites for both stations.


Rod Cuddihy, one-half of Mix 106.3’s breakfast team Kristen & Rod, will leave the show at the end of this month to concentrate on his role as Content Director of Mix 106.3 & Hit 104.7.


One fan of the show would evidently prefer the rival breakfast show be cut. The awkward moment when one of those presenters drops by:


‘Southern Star’ is my favourite radio company


Neil Wilcock is joining Kristen Henry on MIX 106.3 Breakfast from Monday.

Could explain why he hadn’t been doing voiceover work on Ten recently, and why they’ve brought on the guy who used to be at Nine…


Ryan and Tanya finish up this Friday. Ryan moving to Perth. Just under 2 years of them.


Tanya Hennessy is moving from Canberra to further her phenomenal multimedia projects, including some “international opportunities”, which are still under wraps.

‘Phenomenal’? Really?

Kind of surprising (or contemptuous) that SCA thought that a few days’ notice was enough.

It means another search for new talent for the radio station, which finished third in the most recent ratings but which continued to dominate its key 18 to 39 demographic and attract the biggest cumulative audiences.

Canberra FM general manager Craig Wagstaff said the station did not want the pair to leave, saying they had been “fantastic” and produced world-class content.


Wants to get out of Canberra maybe?


I still saw a bus earlier this week with the entire side covered by a Ryan & Tanya Hit104.7 ad… ah well.


The new breakfast team for hit104.7 has been revealed.



2CC’s Tim Shaw gets a second job.


But wait, there’s more… Or maybe not?


2CC are looking for a new drive presenter:

With the above, it appears that Chris Coleman is leaving/has left the station after 2 years.


…or has possibly been sacked, knowing how poorly 2CC has been rating in the Canberra market (often at or near last in the ratings) for some time now.

Although in fairness, 2CC certainly isn’t the only radio station in Canberra to go through a period of instability over the last 2-3 years or so.


I haven’t considered that possibility.

With the drive slot now vacant, I wouldn’t be surprised if the recently departed ABC Radio Canberra presenter, Genevieve Jacobs, would become 2CC’s new drive presenter for the new year.


Will Ben Fordham apply?


Meanwhile, sister station 2CA is also looking for a new drive presenter to replace Greg ‘Robbo’ Robson: