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I remember that Marcus Paul used to be at i98 back in the late 90s, doing drive. :slightly_smiling:


Somewhat of a scoop for the Capital Radio Network, with 2CA and 2CC gaining rights for the Convoy for Cancer from SCA’s hit104.7 (via Radio Today)


LMAO! Hey love, look closely at the ratings - NO ONE listens to 2CC or 2CA.


Mix 106.3 drive presenter (& former 104.7 breakfast presenter), Nigel Johnson, is leaving the station to take up a role with the ACT Emergency Services Authority. His last day on-air will be next Friday (July 29), with Rob Duckworth to be presenting Mix 106.3 drive until mid-September.



Former 2CC breakfast presenter, Mark Parton, will be standing for the Liberals in the seat of Brindabella in the upcoming ACT election to be held on Saturday 15th October.

Source: Radioinfo


From The Canberra Times:

Police have condemned a stunt where a Canberra radio announcer dressed as a clown was assaulted at a Belconnen home.

Hit104.7 breakfast radio show host Ryan Jon “pranked” two listeners on Monday night by turning up on their doorstep dressed as a clown, in what he has described as a “rehearsed” and “scripted” prank.

Footage of the stunt was live-streamed on the Hit 104.7 Facebook but later removed.

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He wasn’t “assaulted”. It was part of the prank.

I mean, if you’re going to stir up a mob of hate against the guy, at least the facts straight.


There is a building being constructed right beside the Hit 104.7/Mix 106.3 studios in Bellenden St, Crace, but the new building is on the 2CC transmitter site land. Just wondering what it is?? I know that 2CC/2CA had plans back in 2012 to build new studios on the 2CA transmitter site land in Morisset St, Mitchell, but I have heard anything since.


Was mentioned in one of the industry Facebook groups a couple of weeks ago, but I can’t remember what it was, definitely Radio/TV related, think it was new studios for 2CA/2CC?


That’s what I was thinking, but couldn’t find any info about it. The Mitchell idea must have been canned, it seems.


Sensibly ABC Canberra has the NRL on 666 AM and alternative programs on digital radio. But stupidly Mix 106.3 has the AFL on both FM and digital radio. If they are going continue with an AFL call they could at least restrict it to FM and provide music on digital rather than people having to go elsewhere for a Saturday night party mix.


Probably a screw-up as I thought Triple M’s AFL & NRL coverage wasn’t meant to be available on the Internet (for whatever reason).


Just my opinion but it just baffles me how Triple M think that trying to mix an FM music station with big blocks of sport is going to work. It surely pisses off a big chunk of the audience who turn on the radio for music.

I’m not aware of any major FM music stations anywhere in the world who do this? Certainly not in the US or UK.

It’s mad. Particularly in the new world of music streaming and internet radio options. You piss off your audience and they go elsewhere and might not come back.


A lot of UK FM radio stations take football games.


It’s works very well for them in Melbourne, and Adelaide too to a lesser degree.
I think the fate of Sydney and Brisbane listeners is dictated by a combination of network directors in Melbourne thinking that the same model will work in cities that aren’t as into sport and being forced into airing AFL in Sydney and Brisbane in order to secure the rights for AFL in Melbourne.



Certainly the major commercial FM networks don’t.

Not Heart, Capital or proper rock stations like Absolute Radio.

Can you name any who play football other than their local team games? For example local commercial station Key 103 used to broadcast only Manchester United games but I believe even they don’t do that anymore. They leave it to BBC and Talksport networks.

Talksport on AM/DAB and BBC Radio 5 are the only networks that broadcast football on a national basis. And neither of them are part time FM music stations, they are talk stations.


Likeiwse in NZ. The Sound, Coast, More, Edge, ZM. Breeze, Mai, George, Magic etc… are all full time music stations. NZ radio is far nicer and better to listen to then ANY station in Australia.


Anyone talk about Canberra radio here?

Henshaw still filling in on 2CC?


2CA/2CC are moving from their current location in the industrial suburb of Mitchell to a new purpose-built studio complex next to the Mix 106.3/Hit 104.7 studios by the end of this year.

More at:


“it will create a media hub in northern Canberra when it is opened”

If you call four stations partway down a dead-end road off the Barton Highway a media hub, sure.