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The Creaming Soda Pepsi Max tastes like they just mixed the Raspberry and Vanilla ones at the factory.

Yuck. I’ve actually bought a few of the Raspberry. The best flavour since the Lemon and the Lime variations.

The special edition ketchup is now on sale in Woolworths supermarkets around Australia for $2.50 per bottle with a limit of 2 bottles per customer.

I don’t get it.

Why does he need to degrade himself with this sort of stuff? He would already has more money than he could ever spend.



Coke have already ditched their 1.5L No Sugar range, they have been replaced with 1.25L

Tastes like a Zooper Dooper

In the UK, they currently have Pepsi Max in Raspberry, Cherry and Ginger.


And in Portugal it’s Pepsi Max Lime.

As shown on The Front Bar last night, CUB has released a limited edition of Carlton Draught to celebrate the career of four-time premiership forward for Hawthorn, Jarryd Roughead.


Won’t appeal to those who like a smooth ale!

After the Lion King Ooshies promotion ends, Woolworths will offer free plants next month :joy:

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Far better option IMO


In Europe, Diet Coke has alway been branded as Coca Cola Light. A bit strange that they’ve tweaked it and call it Coca Cola Light Taste. I guess they want to focus on the fact that it has a better Taste now but to me calling it Light Taste, suggests the opposite. Like it’s light on taste.

Anyway, I think they have some much better packaging for this version of Coke and some interesting taste sensations for flavours, Ginger Lime and Exotic Mango:


Tried the Ginger Lime. Was unsure about the Ginger but all I could taste was the Lime and it was quite good.

So, Greece has Pepsi Cola with Lime and a Pepsi Cola with a Lemon Twist. Hard to find though outside supermarkets.

Coke seems to dominate at takeaways and kiosks. Coca Cola marketing seems to be different in Greece.

  1. There’s standard Coca Cola.
  2. Coke Zero Sugar. They have kept that name here, rather than No Sugar. There is also a Coke Zero Sugar Lemon.
  3. Coke Light. They also have Coke Light Exotic Mango. Packaging more like ours though and not like Germany.
  4. Coke No Calories Stevia. Like our old Coke Life, in green.
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i’m in auckland at the moment and at the local burger king they have a touch screen softdrink dispenser where you can get peach and vanilla coke - the vanilla is alot stronger than the vanilla coke in aus

New flavours in Smith’s Chips ranges:


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