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Just Gillette cashing in on a current trend.


I think it’s a clever extension of their existing marketing. The first time you shave is a kind of memorable moment in growing up, so they are an appropriate brand to be trying to give that message of behaviour, certainly more than other brands you’d start using as a teenager - like if Lynx tried to put out an ad like this.

Certainly not worthy of any backlash - the ad itself acknowledges good guys for the “not all men” crowd.


Doesn’t surprise me if most of the whiners haven’t actually watched the ad.

The ad itself isn’t particularly mind-blowing, if it was released a decade ago it would’ve came and went without such a huge fuss.


There’s a new Kit Kat Red Velvet Whirrl


It joins Triple Choc Whirl and Choc Mint Whirl varieties:


Mrs Frankie came home today with a pack of Bertie Beetle ice creams. We were most excited and had one after lunch. Quite a tasty treat.

Interestingly, the brand is still owned by Nestle and the ice cream made under license by Peters. For those unfamiliar with Bertie’s origin, they were developed by Hoadley’s ( later sold to Rowntree before Nestle) to use up scraps of Violet Crumble which was recently sold to Roben Menz in South Australia.


The latest Lamb ad.


“04…” yeh, that’s it… :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah, dialed J by mistake once when I was trying to call @OnAir. He’s on 05.


like the lottery episode in The Simpsons and Chief Wiggum… no you got the wrong number, this is 9 1 … 2


Actually the correct number, as revealed in the Stonecutters ep.


In Old Zealand. :joy:



Coming soon to a public swimming pool near you because that prank never got old.


A classic scene:


From The Project 10 years ago.


Brownes are doing retro cartons to celebrate 25 years! I’ve only seen a Coffee Chill version so far.

This design dates back at least 19 years going by this commercial from 2000:


Just saw these in Coles today, should go back to this style of packaging permanently IMO!


Saw some new Tim Tams in Woolies today.

From memory there was choc malt with sticky caramel, dark? choc with sticky raspberry, and a third one.


If it wasn’t for the fact that I’m watching my sugar intake (and kicking arse too BTW), I’d be all over that.


I agree! I feel the older look makes the product look premium and classic.