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New Tim Tam flavours in supermarkets now. Honeycomb and Choc Mint. They’ve done these before as Limited Editions and part of the Messina Ice Creams range with different packaging.

Now they have this distinctive Yellow and Green packaging:

image image

They match the recently updated packs for their existing range:

image image image image image

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Great additions, glad they didn’t make some of the sillier limited edition (never understood the appeal of any of the fruit flavours, and clearly they’re rarely successful by the volume of low cost stock that ends up at clearance / discount supermarkets) flavours more permanent.


Still Double coat Chocolate all the way for me!


Oops. Kinder didn’t realise they created a toy with a racist KKK acronym.


They should have made it a proper promo - have some limited edition boxes which contain a packet of only Tasmania shaped shapes - and let you win a holiday there or something.


Or just have some Tasmania ones the size of the Australian ones although then King and Flinders Island will feel left out and people will be screaming “Show us your Shape of Tasmania”.


Google “Amanda Palmer Map of Tasmania”

I’d post the video but I know the mods will have it deleted. :wink:


He said Shape of Tasmania not Map of Tassie, you rude boy. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Same thing. :joy:


In Woolworths.


Also found in Woolworths tonight!

I brought a pack - not too bad. There is the slight hint of that mi goreng taste.


Imported from China?


Not sure. I brought it, ate it as I was walking home and put the packet in the bin when done. Didn’t bother to look. :thinking:


From Indonesia I think. IndoMie is from Indonesia.
I also saw ramen flavoured chips in an Asian grocery store in Melbourne’s Chinatown. It’s produced by Nissin Foods (which makes Cup Noodles) in Hong Kong. Below is the original sesame oil flavour.


Interesting these have made the mainstream supermarkets, I’ve seen them in my local Asian grocery store for a couple years now.

Think they’re Malay in origin?


Woolworths have them listed as Made in Indonesia.


So the next flavour of Coke No Sugar is Peach.

Time for some cross promotion with 10 Peach?


Sounds yuck!

With Coke and 10. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


My goodness, the people losing their sh!t over this ad. :scream:


Something’s gone wrong along the way when brands are taking out advertising not to directly sell product, but to make a statement like this. It shouldn’t take a brand of shaving equipment to provide a teachable moment about how to behave.