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I’ve only ever seen those in the cold fridge at the supermarket or corner shop.


Nexba is another Sugar Free soft drink brand which is now going global. I’ve tried these with the natural sweetener but I find them way too sweet and sickly.


Yeah, Frantelle is the take home brand from supermarkets, Cool Ridge is the convenience brand, both from Schweppes. Curious if it’s the same stuff, just different brands.


Saw an ad for Ben & Jerry’s Pint Slices ice-cream sandwhich looking things. They look tasty! Anyone tried one?


Yep. Average.


Violet Crumble exporting to the world:

Following on from this:


Coca-Cola Amatil revealed to the ASX this morning that it is selling SPC Ardmona but business will be as usual.
It came after SPC’s sale of IXL and Taylor’s brands to Kyabram Conserves fell through this week.



Sorbent toilet paper is changing ownership.


Weiss Mango Bars, many years ago thought they were terrible, now love them (must be the summer climate that helps) :yum::icecream:

Also while on topic, can’t beat a good ol Peters Drumstick this time of year, though the crispy-ness (or lack there of) of the waffle cone is questionable.


That means the TAB outlets around Australia will be called simply TAB once again. Every TAB outlet outside WA is owned by, or operated under licence from, Melbourne-based Tabcorp Holdings.
P.S. I went to Gold Coast late last month and noticed a NSW TAB outlet in Coolangatta, across the border in Queensland


After a couple of weeks of teasers, Arnotts has released the Vegemite and Cheese Shapes biscuits, with each piece shaped like the Australian continent. The TV commercial stars Shane Jacobson, Cathy Freeman, Giaan Rooney and Glenn McGrath with voiceover by Bruce McAvaney. I will give it a try.


… and forgets Tasmania. Having Tasmania on the box but not the biscuit is not good enough. I’m expecting outrage.


Tasmania is represented by the broken bits, which seems fitting!


They are quite good





I’ve had these Vegemite Bagel Crisps a few times but the Vegemite flavour is strong. Having a cheese and Vegemite combo might be better.


Did you put a slice of vintage cheese on the bagel crisp?


A bit of cream cheese is alright or a dip. Tarmasalata, Hoummous or Guacamole ans suddenly you have fusion food. :stuck_out_tongue:


They’ve addressed the issue on the back of the pack and created a webpage to explain. :joy:

Google “Shapes Tasmania”