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Also, heading to the Gold Coast today, I may break my Red Rooster ban if I can’t find anything else.


So glad I’m a vego.


Looks like Kettle Chips has brought out a range of Corn Chips
They are very fusion.

Mexican Chips with Greek Fetta & Garlic or Italian Beetroot & Ricotta or Chilli & New Zealand Honey.


I’ve just noticed online that these look exactly like the eta range of chips from New Zealand. I guess Kettle makes them under licence from NZ. They have a lot more flavours there.



Snack Brands Australia (Kettle, Thins, CC’s, Samboy) and Eta NZ are now both owned by the Philippines conglomerate Universal Robina, which would explain them using the Uppercuts brand in both countries.

The Reject Shop usually has a couple of lines of Eta chips available, and a couple of varieties of Bluebird NZ chips which are owned by Pepsi. They all taste good.


Red rock deli is nicer than Kettle and the other more flavorsome/upper range of potato chips.


So bought a bag or two of cheap chocs for the kiddies being Halloween.

Damn, those Kinder Buenos are delish! I nearly ate a whole bag myself :yum: Whoops, that hazelnut cream filling is to die for.


Herald Sun reports today that Nestle is introducing five new Kit Kat flavours from Japan - Fragrant Butter, Refreshing Sake, Creamy Hokkaido Melon & Mascarpone, Sweet yet sour Strawberry and Maple, and Delicious Uji Matcha.
While these flavours will only be officially available at Kit Kat Chocolatory store at Melbourne Central shopping centre, some flavours may be available at Asian grocery stores in major capital cities via grey imports.


Have tried some of the Kit Kat flavours in Japan just recently. Having a “Don Quijote” store just near the hotel in Tokyo helped a lot to find some!

It’s a nice novelty on the traditional Kit Kat but to be honest I don’t find them much to be a game changer.


Today I ordered a can of Coca-Cola Batch Blends No. 01 Coffee & Chocolate at The Coffee Club, but on the advice of the guy taking the orders, who said it tastes terrible, I changed my mind. Has anyone tried it?


I think he’s going to have trouble offloading his stock like that.


Frantelle have cans of flavoured sparkling water in supermarkets now. More of these types of soft drinks replacing the ones high in sugar whose sales are dropping.

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So many brands trying to mimic the success of La Croix in the US… Honestly surprised that a local company hasn’t licensed La Croix here as I reckon it would have pretty strong brand recognition due to its ubiquity amongst Millenials and younger across various online media from the US that bleeds into Australia.


Why pay a licencing fee to an American company when Mount Franklin and Frantelle have established brands which they can build on for their sparkling water products?

image image


I’ve been buying the Mount Franklin Lightly Sparkling flavoured cans since they came out after sticking mostly with still water since I kicked the Coke habit. It’ll be interesting to compare the Frantelle with the Mount Franklin. Some different flavour combinations there.


I’ve been drinking the Mount Franklin Lemon and sometimes Lime, in the bottles.

I want to try these but a 10 pack is a big commitment. Hopefully they will have some single cans or bottles on sale somewhere soon.


My local Coles had a few loose cans in one of the fridges they have of just assorted spares, usually when they break a 10 pack they just fill the good cans into there. Worth checking there.

I didn’t see that until I bought the 10 pack - though on sale for ~$6. Far too carbonated for my liking, and I just can’t taste the flavour of them at all.


Thanks for that. I’ll have a look there.


La Croix has been available inNZ for about a year now.


They were giving away freebies at Town Hall railway station this morning and I was given a can of Raspberry/Blackcurrant. What a coincidence!


Just looking online, it looks like they also seem to have these sparkling and still water varieties:

Still Water
image image

Sparkling Water



I wonder how different it is to their Cool Ridge lightly sparkling?