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Are you being forced to buy it, Cranky?


I believe it’s my duty to complain about random crap until the cows come home. :rofl:


Mission accomplished. :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s what I do. :wink: Now get off my lawn.


Maybe they’ll stop coming home once they see what Oak keeps “enhancing” their natural flavours with.


This is the next step. :rofl:


Nah, I reckon they’ll team up with a well known food brand.


That’s something else I have a gripe with KFC about.

Seriously, can they please p##s off the potato and gravy? And the bread roll? I usually throw these out. I get the carbs with the chips (and probably the chicken), and the bread roll is a tad on the sweet-when-it-shouldn’t-be side.

When I brought KFC for the class, hardly anyone touched the potato and gravy or the coleslaw. I let someone take both tubs home!


I haven’t eaten it in years but can’t you just buy it without those options?


I seem to recall they had the consistency of a rubber ball.


You can swap, but all you get is another bread roll. Believe me, in the odd occasion I’ve gone for KFC, that is all I can get.

This is why whenever I feel the need for chicken nuggets, I go to Maccas. Or just buy a pack from the supermarket and some aioli sauce. Or if I want the full chicken experience, just buy some of the Aldi chicken - roughly the same price and less greasy (I bake mine).


Yes, there are like 100 other menu options that don’t come with a roll and gravy.


None from any of the KFC’s I’ve been to. Mind you, I also seem to get my kids (as in the kids I teach) either giving me more food than I asked for (I think it’s a bribe), or f##king up my order (not that I can punish them, at least not officially :wink: ).

Combined with the increased greasiness, I don’t go to KFC much anymore.


If you want a “full chicken experience” then I’m sure chicken nuggets are not giving it to you.


Yeah, a chicken shop is a better option. Mine does Barbecue, Portuguese and Greek style.

Portuguese is peri peri chilli sauce and Greek is lemon juice, herbs and olive oil.


OK, wrong choice of words. Yes, i know what chicken nuggets are made out of.


Yummy. :face_vomiting:


Much like OAK’s newer flavours. With the addition of making your excrement turn different colours.


the big problem at my local KFC is the bloody wait times in drive though. waits of 5 minutes at the window after paying are normal and 15-minute waits are not unheard of. the worst thing for me is the lack of apologies or warning, not even are “theres a 3 minute delay on chips” when ordering.

we normally go cos it’s convient but with a red rooster opening next door i’ll be going there - i much prefer the chicken from there


Potato and gravy is delicious, folks.