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Yeah, I quite like the A&W root beer as well. It’s on my list along with Dr Pepper of drinks I wish were bottled locally.


I thought that too. But I’d guess probably more a sales thing, as like I alluded to, Victoria definitely used to have the red version as well.


I have never seen the brown or green versions. I only know it as being red or pink.


And I am used to the brown. There we go.


I too love the Schweppes Red creaming soda. I’ve only come across it in Qld. When I was growing up in SA we had Halls. They had the best red creaming soda and sarsaparilla. They were available in cans as well as 600ml bottle. I was devestated when it was bought out by Coke and changed to the poor man’s Kirks version. Also love Fruita and I have been lucky to be able to find it at IGA over here in Vic.


And highly recommended for their sugar free stuff.


+1. Their sugar-free Ginger Beer is pretty good.


wish they would open up there resturants here. the burgers are good!


They did a trial at a few (3 I think) KFC stores in Hobart around 2003/4 but apparently it wasn’t very successful. I didn’t mind it. It was pretty good while it lasted and the stores got a pretty decent upgrade for the trials.


Tis the season of sunshine and warmth (well, should be getting that way anyway and
it certainly was in Melbourne today):icecream::shaved_ice::ice_cream:

So which ice cream do we like? That frozen space is so crowded these days!

Could a mod please make a seperate post with the following poll @OnAir :

-Haagen Daas
-Ben & Jerry’s
-Coles brand
-Woolworths brand
-Aldi brand
-Local or independent (numerous)
-Don’t like ice cream

(If I’ve forgotten a major one, please add).

Haagen Daas seems to have had the biggest growth or certainly marketing, including at the Australian Open the past year or two since entering Australia (from General Mills - Old el Paso, etc).

I believe Peters (arguably iconic with the blue vanilla tub many individual brands) still has the biggest market share, though heard Bulla has caught up, followed by Streets (Magnum and Golden Gaytime would have to be their biggest).


How about a decent brand? Ben & Jerry’s.


Yeah… Kind of depressing to see the variety of brands ol’ Luke is aware of… especially when the shitty big brands are not even legally ice cream any more most of the time.


Fair enough, I’ll cop that and edited it into the comment. I did put ‘independents … numerous’, wasn’t really going to list em all.

Also some majors are now releasing proper old fashioned ‘cream’ versions (e.g.) Street’s new round tubs “100%” or whatever.


Similar to the current/recent “fake honey” scandals, I wonder if we’ll see more “Is your ice cream real?” news reports from the media as we head into the warmer months when such frozen treats typically increase in popularity?


I just wish I could have a soft serve machine at home. I’d take a McDonalds cone over most ice cream in the supermarket.


Can’t get the whole pig fat rumours out of my head plus have you seen the hygienic state of some of those machines!

But agreed the classic Maccas soft serve cone is delish, 30c or whatever and it’s a got a good hold and really chilly, plus Mr Whippy is a rip off, $4+ at last check :open_mouth:


They’re cleaned very regularly and the pig fat rumour died with 90s.


30 cent cones are now 60 cents. You are still required to order them as “can I get a 30 cent cone”.


Well if you’re going to poll you have to be thorough to capture most tastes. Bit biased.

What’s your favourite show on TV?

  • Master Chef
  • The Front Bar
  • Bachie
  • Independent/others

For the record, I currently like Connoisseur Mint Choc in the 1L tubs.


Don’t be so harsh on Ol Lukey :slightly_smiling_face:

Now if someone, anyone could please make that poll on behalf of me, as I cough cough can’t, that would be much appreciated…