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Dear Coke
Please stop putting random shit in your drinks.


I’ve had cinnamon Pepsi before. The flavours actually went together fairly well, but I couldn’t drink too much of it.


I tried the Christmas Edition Spiced Ginger Beer from Bundaberg.

Not a fan of cinnamon flavouring that’s not hot? If that makes sense? Like, I can only eat hot cinnamon donuts and drink cinnamon in a chai latte.


I had an orange poppy muffin the other day from a local cafe which had cinnamon in it. I would kill to have another one like that. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


High fat (of which being dairy - cream/full cream milk would be high in saturated fat) actually causes the liver to produce low density lipoproteins (large molecule cholesterol), directly associated with atherosclerosis build up in arteries.


No. The ‘Holidays’.

I’m bummed this isn’t coming here. I reckon it’d be amaze.


Surprised no-one has mentioned it Lion introduced a standard national brand for their 200ml uht milks earlier this year, replacing regional brand names.


Oh, the holy days. Gotcha. :wink:


Schweppes is continuing a long trend by reducing bottle sizes.


Which size is being reduced? They did 1250ml down to 1100ml quite a while ago now. Has the HS just caught up?


Probably just rerunning an old yarn


I’ll still never forgive Schweppes for removing the Schweppes Red Creaming Soda (not to be confused with the Schweppes Raspberry - a completely different flavour).

Apparently the former is a non-Victorian variant, where in Victoria the creaming soda is “Traditional” (brown).


I doubt it’s a Victorian thing as I can buy Brown Creaming Soda here.


Most of the non-Schweppes creaming soda seems to be red. I’m sure people are generally weary of red colouring in things, so it probably sells better brown. I don’t think they taste different?

I’ve also seen yellow creaming soda.


And green! (SodaStream, which is rather tasty).

I was lead to believe Schweppes Red Creaming Soda is sold in NSW but definitely no longer in Victoria, but here we have Brown Creaming Soda and I don’t think NSW do?


Only Brown is listed on their website, so maybe it was a staggered removal? I haven’t seen Red Creaming Soda for at least a year now.

My favourite is the A&W brand!



This is the best creaming soda I have ever tasted. Saxbys made in Taree.


Just searched online, definitely state based :+1:

From Google and Schweppes’ official distribution catalogue


Interesting. Thanks.


Are certain markets more used to having their creaming soda in either brown or red? Because I can’t think of any other logical explanation for there being different market variations for Schweppes creaming soda…