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Seriously :expressionless:


Not to mention their burger meat is made from genetically modified animals created in a lab.


Don’t forget using chokos in the apple pies!




Sorry, I was asleep.

Here’s @Sully’s famous ice cream poll.

  • -Connoisseur
  • -Peters
  • -Bulla
  • -Streets
  • -Haagen Daas
  • -Ben & Jerry’s
  • -Coles brand
  • -Woolworths brand
  • -Aldi brand
  • -Local or independent (numerous)
  • -Don’t like ice cream

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Gelatissimo and Gelato Messina.


You were asleep. I said Connoisseur.


Added, and in the position it deserves to occupy


Good work, mate. :icecream:


Thank you On Air. And @Bort @JBar Connoisseur is from Peters (technically)…


Yes, but it is their premium brand as opposed to their standard (or “iconic” as you put it) blue tubs.


Sara Lee

The best have at home ice cream was Cape Byron Supreme mudcake. It was discontinued almost twenty years ago…sigh…


Connoisseur for supermarket ice cream IMO (but only when half price). Although now that the major chains are starting to run half price on Haagen Daz’s every now and then, It’s also in the running.


I’d forgotten this! They’re still around aren’t they, freezers were stocked full not too long ago, though stacked messily.


Sara Lee Sticky Date Pudding - good enough to eat right from the package. :smiley:


One of my all time favourites.


The Sara Lee ice cream is half price at Coles this week.


I used to really enjoy Sara Lee jam donuts with a scoop of ice cream when I was a kid. Went looking for them in the freezer aisle the other day and couldn’t find them. Shocked to learn they haven’t been available for years.


Literally two posts up you had forgotten it existed


The ice cream! Not the pudding.