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From a Sydney perspective I’d probably say that Oak has been a strong flavoured milk brand for many years, while Moove has declined in popularity. I agree that Oak has the stronger chocolate taste though.

With the “Big M-esque” packaging for Moove and Masters, is it even possible that Lion Dairy & Drinks are in the process of gradually phasing out the local brands in favour of Big M everywhere? The reason I ask is because Coles stores in Sydney (even in Rhodes, relatively close to where Dairy Farmers is/was at Lidcombe) now seem to have a few Big M branded products on their shelves rather Moove, which was previously alongside Oak with no sign of Big M for a very long time.

Mind you I don’t think they’d ever dare to phase out Dairy Farmers as a brand, because that sounds far more appealing and and less corporate-like to consumers than Pura or some of the other major milk/dairy brands.


I was a Ski yoghurt consumer for years and I remember the "Dairy Farmers" company logo/name/address on it during the 2000s, at this time though the Ski had the "Nestlé" logo attached.

When it had that uniform graphic template with the fruit 'dropping' into the yoghurt with the "De'lite" / "Divine" / and the yellow no sugar tubs.

Then some years back the Nestlé disappeared and suddenly on the back of the tubs it had "Fonterra".

And as of a year ago it now says "Parmalat".

(I no longer have this, recipe became super sweet and artificial tasting, I now have "Yoplait" - so much better).

NB/ LD&D (formerly National Foods before Lion bought them) has a long, complicated history, in a short time frame around a decade ago.


I think the local LD&D flavoured milk brands are too strong for them to change to a national brand, to be honest. Farmer’s Union is a great example.


You should give up on the sweetened yoghurts and go for the natural Greek yoghurts and if you need to, sweeten them yourself by adding fruit or honey.


Funny you should mention that. I tried a Farmers Union Greek yoghurt with honey and banana mix yesterday. Just delicious. They’ve only started popping up in WA.


I buy that brand of plain Greek Yoghurt and saw a promo for it on the pack.

It also comes in Cocoa Berry and Cranberry Muesli.


Good point. I do consume some Danone no sugar varieties, tastes Greek/organic enough though isn’t technically authentic. They’re also proper probiotics, with the cultures live.


It might take you a while to wean yourself off the sugary yoghurts but eventually you’ll appreciate the natural ones and won’t need to have added sugar.


It’s funny that these yogurts with mix ins included were popular in the 90s, went away and have come back across a number of brands over the past 12 months or so.


Masters has always had a very similar look to Big M, even prior to the Lion ownership.


Yeah I thought the same thing too. They were my favourite kind of yoghurt growing up. I vaguely remember one that had 3 compartments with yoghurt, a blueberry kind of sauce and dry muesli.

My favourite mix-in now is Chobani’s mint and choc.


Don’t forget my ol’ fave Yogo Mix :yum: Though don’t know if they quite date back to 1990s? Certainly around 2000 though and still going (seemingly) strong.


Best yoghurt you can buy is Chobani. Very high in protein and next to no fat (which is the problem with many Greek yoghurts, though high fat is better than high sugar) and the texture is divine. Also very mild though the flavour can take a bit of getting used to.

I use it in my breakfast smoothie every morning.


One of the best ads ever


I usually stock up on the Chobani Key Lime Crumble when I see them on special with an occasional mint and choc or choc almond to mix things up. Noticed a new flavour in the dairy cabinet while shopping at Coles tonight- Coffee Break Bliss. I quite like the 5AM brand coffee bean yoghurt so it’ll be interesting to compare the two.


Some of these flavours are doing my head in. I just feel like chocolate or coffee don’t belong with yoghurt.


Who’s ready for Coke with Cinnamon for the holidays?



Summer holidays?


Made produces Cocobella coconut water, Rokeby Farms yoghurts and NutrientWater.