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How retro.

Maybe they should try Tzatziki, Taramasalata, Hommus or Baba Ganoush next time :wink:


Pics or it didn’t happen.


There’s a tomato salsa variant too.


The tropical V is absolutely vile. They’ve gotten an already shit product (V Sugarfree - not to be confused with V Zero which actually tastes fine) and added some flavouring that makes it taste like nuclear waste.

I always go for the sugarfree versions of soft drinks, so the new abundance of this stuff is great. I’ve cut down on Pepsi Max altogether now during the work week (too much caffeine in it), so I’ve been sustaining my soft drink urges on Schweppes Raspberry Zero and Kirks Sugar Free Creaming Soda. They both taste pretty average but it does the trick.


That’s odd, I have the exact opposite view of the two, I like the V Sugarfree but don’t like V Zero.

The Sugarfree version of Mother is probably the best of the no sugar energy drinks, though none of them are really all that close to the sugary versions, of which V Blue is the best.

I certainly like that there’s a move towards things other than Cola being available with no sugar. They aren’t quite right so you need to get used to them, but things like Solo and Sunkist used to be the worst in terms of sugar levels, but are now readily available in the zero sugar bottles.

Hopefully Mountain Dew follows soon, it’s about the only soft drink I still buy the sugary version of.

Hopefully the flavoured milk people catch up, stuff like Oak needing to pretend a 600mL carton is two serves and still be over 1000kJ is rediculous.


I’ve never touched the stuff, energy drinks, yeah nup, only hear bad nothing good anyway. Gatorade I’ve never really got until. Though I did used to like Powerade years ago (the blue one).


My Favourite is Farmers Union, probably cause I grew up in SA where it outsells Coke apparently.


I’ve had energy before but never liked them, sugar or sugar-free.

Used to have Gatorade/Powerade on occasion but stopped when I cut drinking soft drinks about four years ago. Don’t miss either of them really.




Isn’t Farmers Union Iced Coffee extremely popular to the point it’s even sold at fast food outlets in South Australia & Broken Hill? :slight_smile:


Doesn’t it have like twice the amount of sugar in it as Coke?


As do most flavoured milks, I think Oak Iced Coffee nudges 60g for the 600mL carton!

  • Coca Cola has 64g of sugar in a 600ml bottle.*

Below is a table published recently.
Oak has about 13.5 teaspoons in a 600ml bottle.
Farmers Union has 14.5 teaspoons in a 600ml bottle.

How much sugar is in your iced coffee?

|Product |Total sugar(grams) per 100g |Total sugar (teaspoons) per product|

|First Press pure black coffee (100ml)|0|0|
|Inside/out Almond Milk Cold Brew Coffee (350ml)|0.3|0.25|
|Schnobs Cold Brewed Black Coffee (325ml)|2.2|1|
|Schnobs Cold Brewed Caramel Latte (325ml)|6.3|2.5|
|Cor de Coco Coconut Milk Coffee (280ml)|6.5|4.5|
|Up&Go Energise Iced Coffee (500ml)|7.3|9|
|Nippy’s Iced Coffee (375ml)|7.8|7|
|Dare Iced Coffee Espresso (750ml)|8.7|16|
|Big M Iced Coffee (600ml)|8.7|13|
|Goulburn Valley Milk Iced Coffee (600ml)|8.9|13|
|Dare Iced Coffee Double Espresso (750ml)|9|17|
|Oak Iced Coffee (600ml)|9|13.5|
|The Healthy Hipster Protein Smoothie Iced Coffee Brew (450ml)|9|10|
|Barista Bros Iced Coffee (500ml)|9.4|12|
|Ice Break Iced Coffee (750ml)|9.5|18|
|Farmers Union Iced Coffee (600ml)|9.6|14.5|


Sorry but there’s no way that can be right!

Are you sure you didn’t accidently look at per 100mL? Per the 600mL carton, I was positive it was like 50g-something.


OK. I read that incorrectly.
It’s 13.5 teaspoons per 600ml. 9g per 100g.

Here’s the website:


There is a footnote on the Lion website. Those impulse buys wouldn’t include McDonald’s, pubs, clubs, restaurants, sports stadiums etc, I’m guessing.


I was gonna say!

According to the Coles website (although they’ve done bizarre “per 300mL” calculations) it’s 26.1g.

So double it and I’d be pretty close?


Yes, you can get it at McDonalds, Hungry Jacks and Subway in SA (never been to Broken Hill).

There are a couple of Subway stores in Ballarat that sell it too, would be the managers choice though.


I thought supermarkets and manufacturers were looking at ways to reduce plastic packaging? Is a card box with individually wrapped contents better than a plastic pack and plastic tray?

You currently have a pack of 8 Wagon Wheel minis at Woolies for $2.50.

But now you can also buy a pack of 8 Wagon Wheel minis individually wrapped at Woolies for $3.


Only when it suits them i.e. Little Shop :wink: