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They’re not the same, but they’re very similar.


Savoy are delish. And a classic Victorian recipe. Some thinly sliced aged cheddar and yum.


Of course you’d say that!


I used to love these with just butter or margerine and half a Kraft Single. Not so much these days. I think they’re quite sickly now.


Country Cheese are to die for, the really cheesy rich ones yeah?


I don’t eat crackers at all. As someone who watches ration unboxings / reviews I understand the purpose of them from a shelf life perspective but I think it’s one of those foods that primarily belong to an older generation.


Let’s get this post out onto a tray. Nice!


Someone’s been watching Steve1989MREInfo. :wink: I like him - you know shit’s going down when he’s got it on the tray.


note to mods - plese construct this into a poll, as I am unable to

Which Iced Coffee (or flavoured milk) do you prefer?:cup_with_straw:

Ice Break

Big M (or LD&D territory variants)



Barista Bros

Farmers Union

Other (local independent/home brand, etc)


Yes, sir.

    • Ice Break
    • Big M (or LD&D territory variants)
    • Oak
    • Dare
    • Barista Bros
    • Farmers Unison
    • Other (local independent/home brand, etc)

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Ice Break has been my fave for a long time, it’s as pure as you can get with only a high added sugar content (the only other ingredients are coffee and milk). Whereas all others are loaded with added colours, flavors, stabilisers, thickeners and goodness knows whatelse.

Today I bought 3 different flavoured milks (very rare - they were all on special/deals) Barista Bros double, Barista Bros cafe blend butterscotch brownie* & an independent or whatever Rokeby Farms banana.

Barista Bros coffee tastes pretty bad compared to almost all other majors, not a fan and hence won’t be trying that again.
The other Barista Bros was very disappointing, tasted almost identical to the normal choc/cocoa Barista Bros, was also considerably smaller, it was however rich and thicker and those parts I like (I know many probably won’t though). So again, for the price too, not recommended.
Rokeby Farms, which is actually more a protein drink, I do really like, a subtle yet nice kick of flavour, with a natural taste. Lower in lactose, fat and sugar with higher protein, it is filtered low fat milk. Not sure of its availability, these 3 came from a convenience store.


That wouldn’t encourage me to buy it. No added sugar might.


Did you have all of them in one sitting?!


Very rare you’ll find iced coffee without sugar added, that’s kinda what makes the taste isn’t it?

No, two throughout the course of today. Haven’t opened the Rokeby one and probably won’t tonight, but have had it before.


When I order an iced coffee at a cafe I never add sugar as I want to taste the coffee rather than sugar. I haven’t put sugar in my coffee, hot and cold, for over 20 years (except on the very very rare occasion when International Roast instant coffee is the only option and I put quarter of a teaspoon of sugar in to give it a bit of flavour).


Oak milk. It’s sensational. And like me, a former product of the Hunter Valley. :+1:

Except for that Blue Angel crap at 7-Eleven. Made my crap turn green! :stuck_out_tongue:


I never add sugar in my real coffee daily (espresso). Yuck.

But for iced coffee sure, how else otherwise would taste too organic and bland, needs the sweetness.


Honestly can’t remember the stuff prior to say 7 years ago in Melbourne, Big M was the institution here. Now I’d say Oak is massive whilst Big M has surely declined, much less flavour/powerful in comparison, especially the choc.


New low sugar/sugar free flavours from Gatorade and V…