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I watched one of those recently. :joy:


bahahaha I love when those mind blown situations occur. :joy:

And yes, just clicked :flushed:


let’s be real I’ve seen so many Americans test our shit out and they’re dead wrong thinking they’re gross.
I watched one guy who said that ANZAC biscuits were shit, got his crew to try it and they all said it was shit. He also said milo was bad. Needless to say, the comments roasted tf out of him.


The problem is you’re probably not going to get fresh chewy slightly warm ANZAC biscuits that are great, you’re going to get a stale blue packet of ANZACs which are often fairly shit.

It’s a fine line.


Raspberry Malteasers are a big tick.

Speaking of raspberry, I want to try the new Pepsi Max Raspberry, any recommendations?


Buy some and try it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’ve tried it and it is not too bad, it does have a bit of an aftertaste and it is quite sweet. I originally had a 1.25L bottle and struggled to finish it. A can is more manageable.


Anyone know what happened to Arnott’s Supreme crackers? Can’t seem to find them in Melbourne anymore. They were a really buttery, soft and rich tasting cracker. In fact, and this isn’t a positive, they had the highest saturated fat content than any other cracker in that Arnott’s range.


I can neck one of those 1.25L bottles of Pepsi Max Raspberry. :wink: :+1:


Never heard of them. Must have been a local only product.


Me neither. Just did a quick search and it looks like they’re only in New Zealand.


Must be imports so maybe @Scully should try the International food aisle.


Might be sutting butween the Raro mux and Watties sauce!


Nah, they definitely sold them here, but he’s may have been an import at one of those local goods shops, tasty.


Better off with good ole’ Ritz anyway :wink:


Which are made in China so are also imports. I’m wary of any food made in China with their lax good rules. Try Jatz which are Aussie made.


Arnotts Clix are much closer to Ritz.

Jatz/Savoy are dry, hard crackers.


I prefer Country Cheese crackers.


Are they one of the selection in the Cheeseboard box?

Personally, I could demolish a pack of Savoy crackers.


Savoy are softer than Jatz. And no, they’re not the same.