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Did you pay gst?


it’s not broken down on the recipt


Spotted bottles of Coca-Cola Clear on sale in an Asian grocery store at Melbourne’s Chinatown today. It has been exclusively available in Japan since June, but has been imported to Australia by third parties. This is one of the reports when the drink was about to be released.


Sounds like Mount Franklin Sparkling Lemon. Forget Coca Cola. I think sparkling water with natural flavours is the future for soft drinks.


Shame it’s quite expensive (in cans) compared to soft drinks. Small pack sizes and very little variety in flavour doesn’t help.


I see the clear cola fad of the 90s is making a comeback…


SPC, owned by Coca-Cola Amatil, has sold its IXL and Taylor’s jam brands to Kyabram Conserves Company, which is backed by Sydney-based fund manager Millinium Capital Managers.


I was going to mention this a while ago, but Allen’s have turned two of their most popular lollies into flavoured hot chocolate brands.

Jaffas are now an Orangey Hot Chocolate and Fantales are now a Caramelly Hot Chocolate.



I probably wouldn’t recommend rolling a cup of Jaffas Hot Chocolate down a cinema aisle though! :laughing:


Jaffas and Fantales have had a bit of a rebrand too with matching packaging.


Meanwhile, Milo Fothycino is now a thing.

An interesting fact about Milo. It was originally developed in Australia before it was taken over by Nestle and spread across the world.


The Fantales one is quite nice


Purchased the Jaffa Hot Choc a couple of months ago. Only used one of the sachets. The rest are still in the box at the back of the pantry. Wasn’t overly impressed with the taste. Think I’ll be taking them to work and leaving them in the staff kitchen.


Does the Fantales still have the facts on the wrappers?


Heard the Fantales one is a bit rubbish. Not much flavour.


Yes, of course. They are Fantales so they need to have Fan Tales on the wrapper.


:scream: OMG


It just clicked?


Good, just checking!

Mind blown?


It never clicks for any American reviewing them on YouTube. “Ok, let’s try some fan-tah-lees”