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Diet Coke flavour next ? :laughing: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Maccas fans will be able to hit the sheets in style this winter - thanks to an extra-tasty collaboration between the popular burger franchise and Peter Alexander.

The limited edition collection, which is available from today, features thirteen exclusive prints inspired by Macca’s world-famous burgers, fries and iconic McDonaldland characters, including Ronald McDonald, Hamburglar and Grimace.

There are 37 pieces, including a Big Mac tee, smiling Grimace jumper, patchwork-style sets, slippers embedded with the Golden Arches, and a Macca’s doggy jumper.

I thought it was going to be pyjama flavoured burgers. :crazy_face:

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They should call them the McBed range or something… the bed sheets could be the McCovers, the jumpers the McTops etc

Or the McShits, sorry McSheets.


This isn’t new though. They’ve had a collab before. The range seems to be much bigger tho.

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Not sure if these are new but noticed these today in Coles sold alongside Boss coffees. Toby’s Estate is a popular brand of coffee in cafes but they’ve branched out into iced coffees in a can in supermarkets.

Cold Brew Black, "Spro Tonic, Oat Milk Latte.


I’m suddenly interested in shopping at coles

And not because they brawl at your local Woolies? :grin:

Nah, Coles is such a pain the arse to get to

Sad news indeed…


My dad is probably the only one I know who still loves these. It is almost impossible to find them apart from a few Coles supermarkets so no wonder they will disappear.


With all the talk about Pepsi changing its logo soon, I was surprised to see a retro Pepsi Cola logo on these bottles of Pepsi Max Vanilla at the supermarket today. They’ve also added “Soda Shop” to the label so are they maybe thinking of expanding it for other flavours too?


Information overload on those bottle labels!


Looks like the US have had “Soda Shop” branded flavours in the past:

Since the Pepsi Twist days in the 00’s, I’ve always thought they should put these flavours under one umbrella brand.


Ernest Hillier Chocolates has gone into administration for the second time.

The first/pilot Shell-OTR site has opened at Lane Cove. This was previously a stand-alone (non-Coles) Shell site (e.g site was not owned by Coles at the time and wasn’t originally linked to the Viva/OTR merger).


This is getting out of hand now.


It does seem like an April Fools joke at the wrong time of year.

The last stupid Raspberry variation, I didn’t even see in any supermarkets. It’s like they’re just producing a small batch of these as a publicity stunt.

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