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The recommendations for alcohol consumption have been disproportionately influenced by alcohol lobbyists. There’s compelling evidence to say that no safe level of alcohol consumption exists. No level of alcohol consumption is safe for our health

This movement comes from the same vein of cigarette plain packaging in many countries, and warning labels/mascot coverups on sugary products in Mexico. If there are known health risks to alcohol, why does this vice get a pass? If this is the path we’re treading, so be it. Apply the strategy evenly.

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This was in Woolies today. Crunchy Almond Toblerone.



Personalised Toblerones are the best.

All this talk of Toblerone made me think of this.

YouTube: Billy Connolly

Can we cancel Vivid Sydney? Every f**king dickhead escapes from their friggin’ lairs to become incessent pests, block pathways, become insufferable. All over some wanky lights and some wanker presenters going on with shit.

There is a clear differences between smoking (cigarette or otherwise) and alcohol. They are not the same.

NSW-based raw milk processor Made by Cow has gone into voluntary administration.


Australian tea brand T2 has launched a range of iced teas through Pepsico Lipton International.


Not sure if these are new but I saw these in a grocery shop today. Malteasers Biscuits. Plain and Mint.

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Mentos Fanta Roll. Have Mentos done a collab before?

They will be produced locally by Asahi Beverages.

Saw them in the latest Woolworths catalogue today.

What else has Bluey plastered all over it?

Arnott’s biscuits.

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Bluey yoghurt.

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I’m just waiting for the Bluey knock-offs from China.

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Bluey Takeaway. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Chinese knock-off?

Closest I could find. Chinese takeaway shop. Made in China.

Cadbury is introducing more varieties in the new Slices range.

Dairy Milk Vanilla Passionfruit joins Dairy Milk Crackle, Caramilk Hedgehog and Old Gold Mint Creme.

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