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No. These ‘fan-zones’ are these festival sites in Doha:


A new Limited Edition Toblerone Golden Caramel is in supermarkets.


Haven’t been here for a while and sorry if it’s already been brought up, but recent guilty pleasures:

Allen’s “Kirks” soft drink bottles (flavor profiles a spitting image of the actual drinks!)

Life Savers gummy lolly range, especially the rings.

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At the risk of starting up the Parmi/Parma debate (for the 50 millionth time :stuck_out_tongue: ) Smith’s have these Limited Edition Chicken Parmi out now:
Parmi or parma? Smith’s releases chicken parmigiana-flavoured chips


Spelt the right way. Good.

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There’s a poll in the article.

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Oof. Parmi/parmy winning by a significant margin!



I knew it. Some just can’t resist.

Updated, not many votes though, I think it will continue moving back and forth for now.

Mars Wrigley bars such as Mars Bars and Snickers will begin the transition to paper wrapping in Australia in April, with all chocolate produced by the company to be recyclable, reusable or compostable by 2025.

The trials and development of the food-safe packaging cost about $2.5 million.

“We’re very confident that our new paper packaging material maintains the exact same level of freshness and quality that our consumers expect,” (Mars Research and development director Chris) Hutton said.

"There will be some increased costs associated with producing the bars in paper wrapping, but over time as we find efficiencies that will come down.

"None of the increased costs will be passed on to consumers.

“We believe this is something consumers expect of brands, and we won’t be asking them to pay more for it.”

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No increased costs, but wonder if we’ll see some shrinkflation alongside the introduction of this new packaging.