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A flavour nobody asked for. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yet another Shapes variant. Fully Loaded.


Cheese was good. Haven’t tried the others but they don’t really appeal - maybe the chicken might be ok

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I totally agree that the cheese was good. It was more than good. I bought a box yesterday and ate the lot. I had so much fun doing it.

I love anything cheese flavour. I wish I could buy the cheese powder.

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I thought I’d share this in this thread too because I think they are inter-related:)

As my current obsession is the MenuLog ad, I have been googling it. I didn’t know that Snoop Dogg was reportedly paid around £5.3million for it! And now that Katy Perry has taken over and given that she has a more mainstream audience reach, I am sure she would have been paid way more than £5.3million. It is amazing that some people can just show their face or use their name for a couple of minutes and get rewarded with tons of money. So that’s how the other half lives.

I wonder how much that SubWay kid got paid? I didn’t mind his Gillette ad though - more mature and all grown up :grinning:

Speaking of ubiquitous ads, I am not sure if anyone notices but I swear I have seen this guy on at least 3 different TV commercials in recent months. I am pretty sure I saw him hogging 3 different ads last night. I am having that Subway kid nightmare all over again! :scream:


With your new found interest in TV commercials you should go back and watch Gruen on the ABC. Last week they featured an actor who currently appears in four different ads on television for four different products. They had a joke about his four wives in the four ads. :wink:


Yes, he is in a current ad, be buggered if I can remember what it is for but he and his mate are wearing oodies playing video games.

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This was a real mind-blower for me. I was watching (the US) 60 Minutes last night, and one of the segments was with an AI firm who did the Menulog ads.

So get this, Snoop Dogg never did a Menulog ad! He did an ad for the European equivalent for Menulog, called JustEat. The AI firm then took Snoop’s voice and modified his jaw movements and dialogue for him to say “Menulog” instead. Scary and amazing all at once.


Not surprising they’d avoid paying to have the ad re-done for multiple names, Menulog having different names in various countries - it appears they bought up similar services and slapped on their branding logo & colour but kept the existing names, like Unilever has done with its heart/swirl logo for Streets ice cream in Australia and ice cream brands in other countries (e.g. Wall’s).

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It’s for ANZ plus.

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Is this the same guy? This is the 3rd ad (in addtion to HCF and ANZ).

Or maybe I’m wrong🤔

Looks like a different guy to me.

You might be right. I was checking with my friends and they said it is a different guy. But this guy has been in other ads as well.

It is nice that the industry is trying to embrace diversity but using the same talent over and over again lacks innovation.

Doritos Limited Edition Guacamole and Salsa.

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Love that pack design!

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Golden Gaytime has teamed up with OAK. This looks yummy. It’s $9.50 for a box of 4.

From a marketing launch point of view, I find it interesting that it is only currently available in smaller stores (IGA, Ritchies) and will only be available at Coles, petrol stations, convenience stores, etc from September. I don’t shop in small stores so I guess I will have to wait until September (the picture does look good to me but I think I have a strong willpower to resist temptation :smiley:).


This is just another case study of an established brand having all the freedom to come up with ‘trash’ and then charge exorbitant prices. If I try to look at this objectively, I have to say I don’t mind the white bag. Black does seem like a trash bag.