Big Brother


Which makes me wonder how they could make it work on a multi channel?

I just can’t seen Ten bringing it back. Could it be another network? Seven perhaps?


I imagine if it’s Ten they will strip it across multichannels. More programming flexibility and the more mature content pushed to the multichannels.
If it’s Seven they did have that “rich house” reality concept show that they were exploring, but have recently gone quiet on?


I just don’t know where Ten would fit it in their schedule though.

They have Celebrity, Changing Rooms, Dancing, Bach in Paradise, Masterchef, Bachelor/ette, Survivor all locked in for next year. Where can they fit it in?

Perhaps Nine want it for 9Go! and 9Now after the success of Love Island?


I believe it will be for Eleven. It needs something big to prop it up. It’s been running on low for a few years now.


But as was suggested they couldn’t fit it in their budget for the main channel in summer. How can they fit it in the budget on their multichannel?


Things change. They might have found a way. Who knows. It’s TV land. Magic happens. :slight_smile:


In the last 2-3 months? They are big budget changes… Seems like hopeful thinking rather than realistic thinking.


It looks like it could be that Seven have picked it up. Bree Amer is a casting producer for the Seven Network and Mike is trying to get her on his podcast to talk about a meeting he had regarding BB next week. If true will this be the first show on Australian TV to air across all three major networks?


Guess we will see. Could just be Mike Goldman holding onto the past. Who knows?


True. I actually have no doubt there is a network looking at it. I just don’t think its Ten. I do think Nine would be keen to look at some content for Go! and 9Now after the success of Love Island.


Although it’s all speculation, I’d be very interested to see how Seven would deal with it as history suggests they’re not really that good in Big Brother-esque formats. Having said that, I think it would be wise for Seven to grab it if they want some stability in their second-half of the year unlike the recent garbage they’ve been churning out on.


If it is coming back to Ten, perhaps we’ll hear about it at the Upfronts on October 31st? I wouldn’t mind the idea of it returning, there a new ways to make it fresh again for viewers, like the idea of live streaming.



Whoever gets it. Please for the love of Oprah, don’t fuck it up!!


Just hope Nine dont get their hands on it again.


if it was Ten maybe they could show it daily on Eleven or whatever it will be called soon with big TV nights, like nomination & evictions live on main channel.


24 hour live streaming of a new Big Brother series would be a perfect way to launch the new 10 All Access platform.


I really hope that’s the case!

But if/when Big Brother were to return to our screens, I wonder if they’d choose to have the program based at Dreamworld again? After a horror couple of years, we all know how they desperately need some positive publicity in the media (AFAIK there hasn’t been any since the 25/10/2016 ride tragedy even though commercial breakfast TV, etc loved the park for years prior to that) which will get people visiting the park again!

After the lacklustre ratings of Celebrity Big Brother US on 9Go! earlier this year and the wounds of a three season attempt to revive a local version of Big Brother still relatively fresh, I’m actually not sure if Nine are really that interested in the program.

Seven and Big Brother would probably mix like oil and water. The show has been known for taking risks and causing controversy, while the network has mostly tried to present themselves as being “Family Friendly” for the better part of 20-25 years.


Potentially, but would they want to run it against The Project or MasterChef, etc. on Ten?
Perhaps if the Daily Shows were moved to 8.30 when drama series are on Ten.


And Nine tried to make the show too family friendly and controlled which is what led to its cancellation after only 3 seasons on the channel amongst other things.


The last season of BB on Nine aired at 8:30 and got pretty bad ratings. Not sure Ten would be willing to risk that again.