Big Brother


The Price is Right, Family Feud and Bill Collins Golden Years of Hollywood are three I can remember that were on all three networks.


25 new posts :smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley:… surely there must have been an official announcement…reads thru all the posts…

Unfortunately not :frowning:


Australian Survivor

  • 2002 - 9
  • 2006 - 7
  • 2016 onwards - 10

(Although that itself is a weird case as it is not a continuous cannon. This year’s Aus Survivor on 10 is considered the 3rd season, not the 5th. Should Big Brother return, it would likely call itself the 12th season, continuing on from the earlier versions of the show).


Mike is teasing that there will be something exciting happening in regards to BB this Friday night.


Surely it’s not coming back. Maybe just a massive reunion on a podcast or something?


Random idea to spruce up the format.

Give each Contestant a camera and get them to record a daily vlog when they’re in the house. Push em all out daily on their own YouTube channels/Facebook in addition to the main show.

Given Vlogging is fast becoming the new ‘reality-tv’ this might be a good way to modernise this format.


He is having Bree on his podcast.


So you reckon it’s coming back?


This show never dies does it?


Don’t know. I would like to think it is because it’s still my favourite reality show. In response to people asking if it’s coming back he keeps saying one day. It could all be a beat up or he knows something but is not allowed to say until it’s made official.


Well that would rule Ten out.


Does it have to be a FTA network?


No. But I couldn’t see it working too well on Foxtel.


Why/How does it rule Ten out ?


They wouldn’t be announcing this before their upfronts. They would leave something for the upfronts.


I doubt it’s an announcement. If anything as previously said, it’ll be a hint to a revival with lack of detail or a compete ploy to get people to listen to his podcast


It will probably just be him hinting at its return or like MBB said it is just something to hype up his podcast. Ten did say they had a couple of big things to announce at it’s upfronts. It could be that Big Brother will be used to launch Ten All Access.


Returning to Stan?


I can see BB slotting easily between (a shorter season of) Celeb and BIP if Celeb starts a few weeks earlier and MCA a few weeks later (no awkward weeks in between waiting for MKR to finish). It would be a huge platform for Ten All Access.

The other option would be Summer if they have found a way to make it work financially. Dreamworld would probably subsidise a season to get some positive PR.

For Nine it could only work on 9Go (if filmed similar to Love Island) and Seven in Q3/4.


We are talking so much about this that it will probably end up being a whole lot of nothing.