Big Brother


Poor Emma
I wonder see if she will appear on BOTS as well? Rylan wouldnt be as forgiving as Emma


Nah I think Emma will do what we all want her to do… grill her! At the last eviction Emma clearly was not too impressed about Roxanne when they replayed the footage. Rylan made a statement the other night said that he thought the producers should have played the scene to the house to clear the air around what happened.

Surely Roxy can’t still sit there and be in denial or play the victim through this interview. I want them to play the footage then play what Roxy was accusing Ryan of doing and then get her to explain herself!

Apparently the twitter post that mentioned that Roxy quit is currently the second most liked twitter post in UK Big Brother history.



Wow this story has made news sites in Australia today. I can see two articles on

They have just aired her interview at the eviction show with Emma. Obviously it was pre-recorded so she could avoid the crowds but she admits that she’s the most hated woman in Britain and apparently got a massive grilling form Emma.

Looking forward to watching it tonight.


Apparently not, as it appears she will be back on her radio show on Monday, according to -


She will be sacked when people stop listening to her show anyway.


Emma standing up, pulling her earphones out and uttering “thanks everyone” when Roxanne started the waterworks = priceless.
She wasn’t buying anything Roxanne was selling.


She’s quit her radio gig.



Great to see Ryan win the end.


BBUK to finish


Surely that’s got to be the last nail in the coffin for any revivals of BBAU?

If the UK version (which to my understanding, was pretty popular at its peak) is starting to die out, then I would think that Australia’s BB would be very hard to get right (even if all multimedia platforms were used to the best of their abilities).


Meanwhile, in the states, BB America host Julie Chen (who is also the wife of Les Moonves, the CBS executive) signed off a Double Eviction ep with an intresting sign off.

Just a minor intresting thing to note.


The ratings failure of Celebrity Big Brother US on 9Go! earlier this year really should’ve been the final nail in the coffin, but I agree nonetheless.

Although realistically, is that really going to stop some people from wanting a revival of Big Brother Australia in the future? Probably not.

Yeah, I think our version of Big Brother (during the Network Ten days, of course) was based more on the UK version than the US one.


Big Brother UK had (including this last one) 41 seasons altogether (normal + Celebrity) though compared to our 11. Also If Ten revived it I dont think it would do any worse than Survivor is doing now.

Just reading the production company’s statement it seems that they are going to look at continuing Big Brother on another channel.


Or streaming…one way to get the youngens to watch it!:grimacing:


An interesting post from Mike Goldman on Instagram today;


Yep. He said he will talk it about it on his next podcast with Bree Amer, 2004 runner up and working as a casting producer currently, as his guest. He also had that on his Insta Story 2 days ago and said he just had a meeting about something BB related.

This smells to me like BB might be coming back next year but he is not allowed to fully talk about until the network that’s picked it up makes an official announcement.


10Peach? :thinking:


Could be. BB is a CBS staple during the summer in the US and they also have an Uncut type of show called After Dark as well as having 24/7 live streaming like Mike lists in his post. I can imagine CBS encouraging Ten to pick BB up again for the summer.

David Knox at TV Tonight did say earlier this year that Ten looked at running BB in the summer but couldn’t make the budget work.