Big Brother

Tim Dormer has entered the Big Brother Canada house as a wildcard housemate.

Is there any way Australia can cancel his passport? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Thats the second housemate to feature in an international version.

Who was the first?

Priya was on the indian version last year.

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Tim Dormer who won the second season of Big Brother on channel 9 (and runner up on Celebrity Apprentice) is currently doing Canada Big Brother, and has made it to the final 4!

There is a very brief mention of a possible BB revival

It isn’t the first time this year our sources have speculated that the reality show could return to our TV screens in a revised format.

However, the word is it may no longer be hosted in Queensland, but a potential move to Sydney or Melbourne is on the cards.

I would love Big Brother to come back only if they do it like the UK and make it a 9.30pm or 10pm show. That way they can cast more riskier and interesting people and not do the whole family friendly edit. I think that would be a smart move anyway for late night shares.

I always download UK Celebrity Big Brother and its so much better than anything that we’ve ever got. There are always a bunch of lunatics and it’s always filled with drama. There’s already been someone removed from the house in the first week. Our versions were a snoozefest in comparison.


I would love BB to be back and as @Chris said, like the UK Version. Or the very least like the 10 days. None of this channel 9 Family Friendly crap!

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Agree with all of the above, bring back the show in a late night version 9:30/10:00pm a couple of nights during the week, no tacky gimmicks - just quality casting and let the characters provide the drama.

As long as it doesn’t end up on Ch9 again with Sonia, these two elements alone killed the show.

I think it would be great to have it back but as many have said in a late evening slot - doesn’t need to be 9:30/10:00 as MA is now allowed at 9pm. I would also like them to utilise 9GO! and have the family friendly edit earlier in the day (6pm).

Let’s say hypothetically Ten had Big Brother back this year and did something with that show, would it rate better than Biggest Loser or is Big Brother passed its use by date too?

Nine no longer have rights?

I think it would rate at least double what Biggest Loser did. Especially in the younger demos. The only reason the last season failed on Nine is because of too many stunts, inconsistent scheduling and almost no live element apart from the evictions.

The live aspect is what set Big Brother apart from the other reality shows, so if Ten picked up it and wanted it to succeed they would have to emphasise the live element more, either through daily live updates from the house on their website or reintroduce live streaming.


I think a Ten version of Big Brother could work. The biggest problem with the last Nine series was the 8:45-9:15 timeslot. One change I would suggest is to move the Friday episode and Friday Night Games line-up to Saturdays. Friday’s current line-up is currently doing good demo numbers for Ten and this move would help with their Saturday share.


Not to mention that in the middle of the season, they decided to get rid of the Friday episode and without live streaming or live updates you didn’t know what was happening in the house over the weekend. Also in Nine’s version the episodes didn’t follow a chronological order, so the time of day would change from day to night and then back to day again, which made everything feel confusing.

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Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

Implications for the purchase of TEN by CBS?


Nine no longer has the rights?

I don’t believe CBS have the Format rights, only for the US Market.

But clearly a format they are very familiar with and like.

I think it would be highly likely that CBS would look to The CW of which it owns 50% but has significant control over. Moonves has referred to the Australian Market as one they know very well (Eleven), I think inferring Big Brother is no bigger stretch than those saying that Ten might replicate the CBS news sets.

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