Big Brother


Completely disagree. The show was nowhere near the same. There was hardly any live elements. Each episode was movie length (90minutes) and the whole structure of those daily shows were terrible. It dragged down the format because it wasn’t designed for 90mins every night.

If ten revived it it would work and the show would be targeted to a different audience.


Stormy Daniels has pulled out of Celebrity Big Brother UK at the last minute after producers reportedly refused her demand for an additional £100,000 on top of her agreed fee of £750,000. Daniels claims she pulled out because a custody dipute involving her daughter demanded her attention. The story is bizarre.


The funny thing is that they literally built the house with a white house in it and had the first weeks task theme based on the US President/Trump because of her. Now Kirstie Allie has had to take on that role.


Despite reports a couple of years ago that the BB House at Dreamworld was due to be dismantle, according to google maps it is not and same with the Dreamworld Studios (auditorium). As you can see it still stands after four years since production ended.

Looking a bit worse for wear.


Looks eerie. Imagine how weird it would be looking through as it is now :scream:


I miss the old eviction shows. The buzz at the auditorium was off the hook. Not something you’d experience nowadays tbh.


Something similar to this (just a bit more run down) I imagine.


Would Ten have the rights back for Big Brother again?


No. No one has to ‘have’ the rights.


I’m hoping that article earlier in the year about Celebrity moving to Summer is true and opens up Feb-Easter for BB. Ten (or Nine?) has already said they can’t make it work in non-ratings.


Wouldnt be a bad idea starting Celebrity early Jan and ending end of Feb for BB to begin in March. Just dont think Ten will do it.


There was major controversy on UK Celebrity Big Brother the last few days.

Roxanne (Roxy) Pallett accused housemate Ryan Thomas of intentionally physically assaulting her in the house. Now as viewers we saw what happened and he literally walked passed her and brushed past her in a very fun/playful way. She then went to Big Brother and made the accusation that he intentionally charged at her out of nowhere and proceeded to punch her in the chest 5 times. She refused to sleep in the same bedroom as him so Big Brother organised a separate room for her for the night.

It all got a bit crazy though the next day as Roxanne started telling other housemates her completely made up version of what happened and they started to believe her. She would put on tears, break down etc and paint him as a complete demon. It wasn’t until Dan Osborne was speaking to Big Brother about it in the diary room and Big Brother said and if the assault happened how she described it then Ryan would have been removed from the house that it clicked that she was making this all up.

It was one of the most uneasy things I’ve watched on a reality show and I almost found myself bursting out in tears at poor Ryan who was scared he might be perceived the way she was painting it on the outside world. It was complete defamation

Anyway they had an eviction last night and the housemates could hear the crowd chanting “GET ROXY OUT! GET ROXY OUT!”. It further validated to the housemates that the public had seen she was lying. Roxanne went to the diary room and immediately quit the series, so most likely won’t get a cent of her 750,000 pound pay check and has probably ended her career as a result. What an awful toxic human being she was.


How do you watch it Chris? As an ardent Big Brother fan I’ve tried a few different places but have been unsuccessful.


Youtube has it not long after it has aired in the UK
Last nights (Saturday)

The companion show - Big Brother Bit on the Side is also available on YouTube

The last 3 episodes have been incredibly hard to watch, not sure how this behavior and response from big brother would have gone down if it had happened in Australia.


I watch it on youtube.

Yeah the last few episodes have been tough to watch. I’ve never hated someone more than Roxanne. Literally what she was doing could have been so damaging to Ryan and his career but clearly she must be pretty mentally unstable to do that knowing cameras would have captured the so called incident. When Ryan was in tears in the diary room I felt so heartbroken for him. At least now I’m sure he will win the thing and hopefully Roxanne has just killed her career. It’s a bit annoying that Roxanne just quit and got to get away without facing the crowd and a grill at her eviction!


The UK Sun and OK magazine are stating the fee is £750,000

That’s a big pay check for 4 weeks work (well not really work is it)
If that’s the case I wonder how much they threw @ Kirstie Alley to be in there


Oh yeah that was a typo I meant 750,000. She was supposedly the highest paid person on the show. Hopefully she doesn’t get a cent of it for quitting or they might give her a small amount if they can convince her to come and do an interview with Emma at the next eviction. I’m doubting she would do that but maybe when she’s out and in a better headspace she would realise the implications of what she’s done and the only way forward would be to come and apologise publically to Ryan and viewers for making an absolute mockery of domestic violence/assaults.


Sometimes it’s better to just walk away and shut up for now
Not sure she is in the right headspace to be talking right now, she needs some proper attention, and to not be put back in a spot where whatever she has in her mind comes out and does more damage

Begs the question about any psych tests they put people thru…surely her propensity to dramatise …lie, twist, the truth should have been picked up, it’s not good for the brand to have over the top behavior to this extent…even if the ratings where struggling and this was an attempt to win a jaded audience back…


I’ve been watching the Big Brother UK eps on Youtube, holy shit, thats my favourite version too. Lot of fights, over something over petty stuff.

I would love to see it return too obviously,


Well I just read that she is going to do an exit interview at the next eviction. They must have convinced her to do it in order to get some of her $$$ (well, pounds). At least we might get some justice with the crowd crucifying her.