Big Brother


Yeah I noticed they have been pushing the show hard. They are advertising the show on the Big Brother Australia Facebook page and even showed ads during MAFS last night on Nine. Shame the show flopped last night getting less than 112k.



Isn’t that why the channel is called GO ! ?


They’re changing the name to 9GONE!


With 9Go!'s broadcast of Celebrity Big Brother US being bumped to late night because of poor ratings, surely that puts a bullet hole into the idea of reviving Big Brother (whether a celebrity or normal version, whether based on the US format or the one we’re more familiar with) for an Australian audience anytime in the foreseeable future?




It is better if Nine dont revive it anyway. Their version was crap. I am hoping Ten revives it somewhere down the track.


Doesnt bother me as long as 9now keep streaming it same day as the US. Looking at their website today and episode 5 of Big Brother which wont be shown on TV until tomorrow night is in the list of their popular shows.

I would think that the younger audience which Big Brother is aimed at would be more likely to stream than watch it on TV. Also I have noticed the picture quality is better on 9Now than 9Go!.


Hasn’t Ninja Warrior been performing just as bad, judging by the terrible 1% shares?


Most likely and it takes up 2 hours of the schedule rather than the mostly 1 hour episodes of BB.


To make up for moving BB to a later timeslot, 9GO will be repeating the episode the next day at 12 pm.




The way the article is written, apart from maybe the last line which is the giveaway that it’s not real, would’ve seriously fooled me considering I didn’t even know what day it is. Kudos to David for that one :joy:


The sad part is it shouldn’t be an April Fool. They should do this.


Agreed. And 24 hour streaming with heavy integration to social media etc. it’s actually the perfect show for this, moreso than any other Raality show IMO.


Well, it fooled this idiot on twitter too. Surely if you are going to steal stories from news sites like Bradley does, you make sure it’s actually News?


There goes Luke again…


You’d think for someone who denied so vehemently that it’s him, he would try and disguise it a bit better.


You’d think that, but then again apparently you and Luke are one in the same.

How embarrassing that you fell for it


Sad for a board doyen like myself.