Big Brother


No further news on Julia Morris?


What a low act by producers on this show.


Watched this the other night and thought the same thing. I remember that episode and actually thought something like that.


This is a pretty standard Big Brother task though. They have done this challenge many times on Big Brother before. I’m not sure if it was the first time that they did this task here or not but I’ve seen it many times on our local version and international versions. I know I’ve seen this task recently on a season of UK Celebrity Big Brother where they give them crying baby dolls and they have to look after them as part of the task. I highly doubt this was done to get a reaction from her and it’s a case where something probably wasn’t thought through properly given her circumstances.


Because the producers are never sneaky, tricky or manipulative?


According to David at TVTonight Ten looked at reviving Big Brother, specifically during summer, but couldn’t make the costs work.


If you watch the show on ABC Kate actually mentions that the producers said you need to tell your story.


Can you post the article. I can’t seem to find it.


It was a comment under this article.


What are the considerations re Eleven showing the current Big Brother US season?


Hopefully they don’t BB US is horrible and nothing like our one. I would prefer for them to show BB UK. Given the Celeb BB US ratings on 9GO earlier this year I don’t think there would be enough interest.


CBBUK is awesome. I’m surprised it’s not played on somewhere like Eleven.


True. I loved the latest Celeb BB that Courtney Act won. A new season is about to start next month, Eleven should look into acquiring it as their schedule is bare as it is and is filled with repeats.


Oh Ten when will you learn, stop flogging this dead horse known as Big Brother. As someone that has watched every season except the last season the audience just isn’t there anymore. There really is a glut of trashy reality tv out there and the only appeal would be live, unfiltered streaming and nudity which I can’t see happening. Also casting would need a complete overhaul and you know that wouldn’t happen. It would be Love Island in a house.

A celeb edition would flop too. Australia isn’t interested as much in the celeb culture that gives these shows a long shelf life (Big Splash, Apprentice etc.)

I think Love Island is a great indication where a Big Brother would rate. It would have its diehards but most of the general population would just ignore it.

Try some new concepts Ten, hard I know, but it could pay dividends.


Big Brother would rate way higher than the 200k Love Island got. Even the shit last season on Nine didn’t rate below 500k. I think there is still interest in Big Brother Australia. When the Big Brother Australia Facebook page put up the ad for Celeb US BB ad with the statement Big Brother is back earlier this year, people thought it was Big Brother Australia that was back. The post got 5k likes, 6k comments and almost 300k views in 24 hours. That shows significant interest.


Why are you comparing todays media landscape with that of 2014? Times have changed significantly and much is unrecognisable. If you honestly think Big Brother would net over 500,000 on it’s return I have a lot of junk I could sell you. Yes it would rate a little higher than 200,00 but no where near enough that the network would make a profit on it and not over 500,000.

Sigh, social media interest doesn’t translate to viewers. It has been debunked on many occasions when things trend globally or nationally and yet ratings see no uptick. A few thousand likes or comments means nothing. Yes it shows a small portion of people would like it to return but it’s a very small demographic, a demographic that is unlikely to sit in front of a television screen and watch on a daily basis.

The format is pretty much dead in Australia. Nine certainly did the brand no favours but it was an outdated concept from the relaunch. If the US Celeb BB had rated well then we would have already seen something commissioned, but true to form the ratings for that was a fizzer and it got relegated.


It would easily rate 500k. If shows like Instinct can rate at 400k, what makes you think BB couldn’t rate a 100k or so higher?. CBB US didn’t rate because the US format is crap and completely different to ours. It also didn’t rate because it was filled with nobodies that 90% of people in Australia wouldn’t know.

Of course you would have to make it available to be viewed 24/7, a show like Big Brother would be perfect in the 24/7 social media age we live in now.


I haven’t watched BB since about Season 4 when it was on TEN so don’t reallu care whether it comes back or not but I do feel like it’s the type of show that could really own the multi platform landscape.
The series on Nine never really took advantage of everything the internet and social media could bring to a show like this.
Imagine if the first few series on Ten were airing in today, the viewer interaction would be off the chart.

If TEN do bring it back they need to really invest. Websites, 24/7 streaming, leverage multi channels for shows like Uncut, Uplate, Friday Night Games, overnight streaming, Live mornings etc. make it really interactive.

No doubt significant cost but over summer TEN does need some new and local content to attract some eyeballs.


The Courtney Act season was boring. Apart from Courtney and Ann it was such a boring cast. Nothing will beat the Kim Woodburn season.


Put this on over summer.