Big Brother

Some of the cast from the 2004 season plus Mike Goldman had a reunion on the weekend.

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The peak of Big Brother.


Yep… agree.

I wonder if we will see the original format return to 10 in coming years.

At the rate they’re axing shows. I’d say it’s more likely 10 than other networks.

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I have wondered if they remain under the paramount banner if they could somehow do a multi network deal for the franchise (cbs and then 10 for Australia) ? Surely it’s possible and cheaper?

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Two underperforming shows aren’t returning? I would have thought that was a good thing. If there’s more, which there is rumored to be, then it’s not going to be anything that’s doing good business.

Makes way for new or other ideas hopefully. The real test will be the reinvestment of whatever they save by not returning those shows into more content to replace it.