Big Brother

They love to convince themselves that getting to where the overnights should be in the officials is a sign they’re not doing as badly as everyone thinks when of course if they were doing well they’d be adding 41% to a much bigger audience and rating twice as well in the officials anyway.


41% is nothing when you compare it to the 541% that Love Island’s been getting in Total TV. Big Brother is being walloped yet they still believe in that turd :rofl:


Its just for the advertisers.

:thinking: The result clearly explains why Seven moved the show to 8.30 :wink:

9.30 episode last night with just 5-figures, 38th in 25-54


BB getting the ratings it deserves. It’s sickening how hard the producers are pushing the contestants to make out with each other. And the contestant who turned down a relationship with another contestant and told BB she couldn’t form a romantic relationship within 25 days, was swiftly voted out. Go figure.


I watched the first 2 episodes to try and see if I would like it, and nope. The first 2 seasons that Seven did, for me personally were actually really good, rigged of course lol but ultimately a great watch. Whatever this show is, its not big brother and should have been rebranded to Big Stepbro

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Big Warbo? (James Warberton )
Big Ross? (angus Ross)
Big Stokes?
Big Turd?

Is it still on the main channel for next week or have announced their moving it somewhere more appropriate:


Seven are still heavily promoting Big Love Brother Island for next week on the main channel.


Flogging a dead horse.




Didn’t the most recent episode get less than 100k viewers in overnights and not even make the Top 30 shows for the night? How/why they are still persisting with it on the main channel is beyond me.


Crawfords DVD


Would anything else rate much more than around 100k or so though?

Cats make you LOL ?

Repeats of The Front Bar or Kath & Kim?

Has this been pushed to 9.30 yet?

It’ll be rebranded as Big Brother Uplate - but will just be a normal BB episode once it gets to that timeslot. I’m surprised they’re still sticking with it like this considering how quickly and brutally they got rid of Blow Up.

Big Brother should be ratings its socks off, since Sonia Kruger is now a Gold Logie winner :stuck_out_tongue:

Seven are still promoting the living crap for this show. Flogging a dead horse. All of us in this forum are wondering why Seven are persisting with the 8.30pm slot. It’s not helping them in the ratings.

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Seems to be no change for this week. Will have to wait to see, but there’s a chance it will be relegated for the final 2 weeks.

Lucky it was a short run series with “only” 20 episodes. Though in hindsight 20 too many.