Big Brother

Repeats of The Front Bar or Kath & Kim?

Has this been pushed to 9.30 yet?

It’ll be rebranded as Big Brother Uplate - but will just be a normal BB episode once it gets to that timeslot. I’m surprised they’re still sticking with it like this considering how quickly and brutally they got rid of Blow Up.

Big Brother should be ratings its socks off, since Sonia Kruger is now a Gold Logie winner :stuck_out_tongue:

Seven are still promoting the living crap for this show. Flogging a dead horse. All of us in this forum are wondering why Seven are persisting with the 8.30pm slot. It’s not helping them in the ratings.

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Seems to be no change for this week. Will have to wait to see, but there’s a chance it will be relegated for the final 2 weeks.

Lucky it was a short run series with “only” 20 episodes. Though in hindsight 20 too many.

If anything they’d be better off adding an extra double episode on this week and next so they’re burning it off over 2 weeks rather than 3.


Big Brother recorded it’s highest views of the season last night, thanks to a 2 minute feature on The Cheap Seats. I wonder if Sonia will spin those numbers into something too.


This year’s season final is scheduled for Wednesday 6 December at 7.30pm.

All nineteen housemates make a highly anticipated return for the Big Brother 2023 finale. As the stakes reach their peak, the final housemates make their case to be the winner of Big Brother 2023.

A rather optimistic timeslot but outside of the survey period. Despite being renewed for 2024, it could potentially be the final Big Brother episode for a long time.


Most Big Brother fans don’t even consider this series as “Big Brother”, it’s some other generic tacky dating reality show using the Big Brother branding. The UK series of Big Brother is actual Big Brother.


Have only seen part of 1 episode but how does Big Brother Uncut compare to years ago?

It’s not a patch on the original Uncut. But it’s better than the normal episodes as it allows us to get to know the people on the show better.

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Is there nudity,girls in lingerie,men in jocks and is there any turkey slaps?

There’s been boobs here and there but nothing close to how Uncut used to be on channel 10.

Tonight’s first episode featured an early morning eviction. Sonia came into the main bedroom just after 5.30am and woke everyone up with a megaphone. All contestants (except the two girls in the half way house) were in the eviction room soon after, still in their sleepwear or trunks.

I can’t remember if there was a similar eviction like this before.

:joy: who didn’t see this coming

Also confirmation that the finale has been pre-recorded this year. 7 doing everything to make the show cheap and nasty and then wondering why it failed is laughable.


I assume that the participants will return to film the winner’s announcement and be asked to wear the same clothes and hope their appearance hasn’t changed to much in the last year; though it probably won’t make a lot of difference given the numbers watching.

No, I heard it was shot last year in the same way they did the BB: VIP finale.

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Three different endings were filmed just like in Love Island and the correct one will be played based on how the public votes in the end. Although given who I have heard is the final 3 I doubt very many people will be voting.

Was blatantly obvious at the Upfronts regardless of whether announced for 2024 that it wouldn’t be happening. It’s very rare series that are yet to air this year at the point of the Upfronts get renewed.

Really not a fan of these fake finales though or why channels think it is acceptable in supposed “reality” formats. It’s one thing for a format where the winner is determined at the time to film an alternative ending (though I suspect many that say they do actually don’t - they just use it as an excuse should the actual ending leak) but quite another in these pre-recorded formats. I’d rather switch to a zoom the finalists sitting alone at home finding out they’ve won for real than them pretending they’ve won a year earlier.


2hrs 40 mins of Big Brother tonight is just crazy