Big Brother

Not suprised, they do the same on shows like Love Island too.

BB finale confirmed for July 12, so only 3 weeks to go. Thank God. The more I hear and see of 7’s BB, the more I wish channel 7 cancels it and 10 picks it back up and takes it back to basics like ITV is doing in the UK.


Omg it never ends…


So 7 more pre recorded episode before the live finale


Have you seen something that confirms this is happening? I have been looking but can’t find anything other than seeing Ryland talk about it

With a live audience at Sydney’s Hordern Pavilion. Tickets now available at That’s the Ticket website.

Well at least it looks like the finale will be live, rather than having the final three film separate ‘winner’ clips.

It was always live.


Back to basics is the way to go, live, no producers guiding the story…raw humans locked up together interacting


Seven would never do it. They want control over the narrative and this would be against that and it’s too “risky”


To me it’s like ‘I’m a Celebrity’. When I first heard about this show in the UK I thought the premise was awful, and I still don’t watch those revolting challenges, but I really love the interaction and bond between the camp mates. As I’ve said before I really miss this with BB.


Funny how all of that is featured in the deleted scenes on 7plus but all 7 seems to be interested in showing is boring strategy talk about who to nominate and survivor like challenges. We barely get to know anything about any of the housemates and yet the public is supposed to vote for a winner.

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Trying to make it more like Survivor I guess. Shame though, because we know so little about the housemates.

Tim’s Great Escape

High Stakes Week sees Tim twist his way into the top seven

Tonight on Big Brother, the housemates vied for rewards that could change their game for better or worse during High Stakes Week.

After the spin of a wheel split the house in half, some enjoyed a Middle Eastern feast while the others were left starving.

A twist of fate changed the fortune of the previously unlucky housemates – Aleisha, Reggie, Taras and Tim –as Big Brother asked them to unanimously choose the final Head of House between themselves.

Realising he had topped the newbies’ hit-list after losing his bestie, Drew, Tim pulled a masterstroke by manipulating the other three to elect him Head of House, ensuring safety from eviction the entire week.

Later, when Tim and Gabbie won the nominations challenge, Tim’s position in the house was boosted with the power to nominate three housemates for eviction. The duo avenged Drew’s eviction by nominating Jaycee, Johnson and Aleisha.

At the eviction ceremony, after a landslide vote, Jaycee said his final goodbyes while Johnson and Aleisha joined the final seven housemates.

Tomorrow on Big Brother: High Stakes Week has the housemates flipping out as Tim takes control of the game, leaving everyone’s safety on line.

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Power Game

Tim’s unpredictable move burns bridges

Tonight on Big Brother, the housemates braved individually designed tasks, facing their fears to win $75 towards the shopping budget each.

When Big Brother’s high stakes twist offered a double or nothing coin toss on their $300 win, Head of House Tim took the chance against others’ wishes. The gamble paid off and the house was rewarded with their biggest-ever weekly shopping budget of $600.

Later, a spin of Big Brother’s lucky wheel gave Tim an even stronger hand, when he landed the Head of House power to swap one nominee with a safe housemate.

In a tense nominations challenge, the housemates were paired to balance eight balls on raised targets on a giant unsteady disc. Taras and Aleisha held their nerve to win safety from eviction.

Ahead of their final house nominations, Johnson came up with a bold plan to get himself nominated along with Gabbie and Estelle in order to put a squeeze on them. His plan worked.

Once nominations were announced, Tim used his Head of House power twist to save Johnson despite Estelle’s desperate plea, choosing Brenton to join Gabbie and Estelle on the chopping block.

Tomorrow on Big Brother: Tim’s betrayal starts an all-out OG war and Estelle tries to save herself from eviction with a secret pact.

90 minute season final now in the official schedule for Tuesday 12 July 7:30 PM.

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Double Whammy
Tim loses control as plans to evict Estelle and save Gabbie fail

Tonight on Big Brother, Taras and Reggie rolled the dice in Big Brother’s final Panic Room task.

When they failed, four housemates – Brenton, Aleisha, Johnson and Tim – were tied to Big Brother’s truth pole as a punishment. Having to answer every question the other housemates asked truthfully, the opportunity was finally presented to grill the game’s most unpredictable player: Tim.

OGs Tim and Estelle had a clash when responding to Estelle’s question about who he saw in the top three, when Tim said: “Anyone, perhaps not Estelle."

Feeling rattled after being put in the firing line, Brenton checked in with Tim to secure his safety in the game.

Tim brought Brenton up to speed with his plan to evict Estelle, which came crumbling down after Estelle held on to win safety from eviction in the second chance challenge, leaving Brenton and Gabbie on the chopping block.

Staring down eviction, Brenton thought Tim had his back, but Tim planned a shocking blindside by attempting to save long-time ally Gabbie.

At the eviction ceremony, Tim didn’t have the numbers to keep Gabbie in the game as the OGs suffered another blow.

Next week on Big Brother: The end is in sight and it’s do or die as the housemates push themselves to breaking point.