Big Brother


It’s almost like he has something better to do on a Friday night than obsess over an old reality show. :wink:


LOL Then he should have said nothing instead of baiting people.


Or he was silenced (by Ten, until the end of the month). :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


This thread is almost as bad as The Simpsons one now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Was it just this and he accidentally posted it on Thursday rather than Friday?


Nope it’s not that. He wrote it as a comment on both his Instagram post and in the Facebook post below the one you just posted that something would be happening this Friday night at 7:30 on his podcast and that he would have Bree as his guest.


No it wasn’t. It was after they lost the Big Bash rights. They were looking for a replacement over summer and couldn’t make it work on the budget.


Currently how I feel tbh:


Casually browsing Twitter


What are RTs ?




Oh dear :thinking:


News report tonight that “intruders” have smashed their way into the abandoned Big Brother house at Dreamworld using a sledge hammer to smash two-way mirrors inside the property.


Former contestant, Ben Zabel was at the house for Studio 10. This video was posted onto social media


Just found this old article

Proves why the 2008 season was a disaster with a host basically phoning it in. If they had kept gretel or found someone who cared to revive it, then it might not have been axed and we might not have got the crap channel 9 years. Who knows, it still could have been (and I believe should) still be on Ten today.


Unlikely it would have lasted that long.


A decent host and some tweaking might have given it another 3 to 5 years. Maybe.


Replacing Gretel with Kyle and Jackie O was a huge mistake. However, the show was on its last legs anyway and the new hosts just got the axe swinging sooner rather than later. Another huge mistake was Nine’s revival of BB.


Yeah I know it had issues. Just felt the axing of Gretel was the final straw and yes…the 9 years were terrible. Totally NOT Big Brother.


Quick Query: Does anyone know if any network is airing Celeb BB US?