Big Brother


I highly doubt that Nine would go anywhere near it again after doing everything possible to run it into the ground the last season that was on Nine.


Has Stan ever hinted about getting into live programming?


He has also posted this on his Facebook page:

This doesn’t sound like a return of BB but some kind of reunion between him and his Friday Night Live hosts on his podcast


World big brother on Netflix… 2 people from US, UK, Canada, Italy, Greece, Australia and a couple of their countries get thrown in a house together and like Beastmaster on Netflix each country has a local host

Could start of by having returning bb contestants from previous seasons for series 1


Don’t think something like that would be viable given all of those countries apart from US/Canada have widely differing formats and where in the world would you have it located?


Why is Mike Goldman still a thing?

Surely if BB came back, they’d get someone new to narrate??


I wonder if BB will come back but be on Ten/Eleven and be on Ten All Access ?

Considering how Eleven doesn’t have a lot of content could it work on a multichannel and boost shares and then also drive subscriptions to Ten All Access?


They would be the best fit for the show so hope it happens.


Big Brother UK has had the same narrator for 41 seasons.


But, didn’t TV Tonight report somewhere that Ten couldn’t make the budget work on it but had been looking at it over summer?




That could of been prior to them not gaining the Cricket…


for many people MG is BBAU! also he’s pushing for it’s return hard, wouldn’t be surprised if he has some other role than just VO guy.


I am just saying don’t be surprised if BB ever did come back that Mike narrates again. People are familiar with him and the majority like him and associate his voice with BB.


Yes he did.


or the googlebox lady. gretel could even do it.


It’s hard to explain, but I don’t think the voiceover style of Jo Van Es would really work on Big Brother.


So what was the big reveal Mike promised for Friday?


It was supposed to be revealed on his Facebook page at 7:30 but almost 40 minutes later there is nothing.


*for now, hopefully

**tbh i already had this pasted in case it really was nothing substantial lol