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These intros look terrible.


It’s just a massive shame.

And pretty amazing that despite the huge newsgathering resources of the BBC, they can’t afford a domestic news channel and need to go with a hodgepodge domestic/international set up that satisfies no one. Really makes it clear how bogged down the BBC is in funding niche domestic services that are ignored by virtually 99 per cent of the UK audience. Looking at you, BBC Radio Foyle 2 and BBC TV Scotland. Not to mention BBC Radio 2, 3, 4 and 5 all having separate news bulletins at the top of the hour when the headline order and scripts are virtually identical. Just so many glaring efficiencies there, as Radio 1, 1Xtra and Asian Network sharing Newsbeat has shown.

The whole operation is coming unstuck because management can’t make the tough choices during a budget crisis to dispense with services that were established during the last funding boom in the mid-2000s, but that are really not necessary. And the end result is a once popular news service is crippled and that is dragging down the entire BBC News brand both at the domestic level and internationally.


and what a fall from grace too compared to a couple of years ago, with the older lineup of branded programs, where all of the intros had effort, and were more distinct…

for me, the BBC used to be the envy of news presentation, but now its a shell of its former self.


Gosh Rich Preston is a good anchor!!

They keep things for too long and just make silly little adaptations. It gets Frankensteined!


world service radio is at least a little better, but they axed quite a few long running shows such as digital planet. its still my goto for world affairs however


Al Jazeera’s presentation is miles ahead of BBC News.


Good point was made over at Pres Cafe:

Seems to me with the relaunch of BBC News. The big new fancy studio for the domestic newscasts and then merger of the domestic and international channel. Why not just go all in and refresh everything. Yeah keep the china red colour. But since they are creating new graphics anyway (Chameleon yada yada yada)…Then just re-do it all. Refresh everything. Such a wasted opportunity to say here is the new freshed, updated, slimmer, youthful BBC News for 2023. Instead everything done in such an off putting piece-meal fashion.
Think about the time they change from the Flags era to the cream and red era . When will a change like that ever happen again? I think they will keep doing the same thing over and over and over. People didnt turn off the BBC because it went from Flags to cream and red. Not sure why the BBC News presentation became so scared of change. I mean actual change, not just perpetual updating. The presentation is certainly different but its just slight changes nothing actual completely different from the last decade or so.


What a difference. Each of those shows looked real good including the themed studio.


In somewhat of a rarity, I came across this on YouTube:
BBC News 24 relaunch from 1999 in widescreen and incredibly good quality for the time!

This look would’ve been revolutionary for the time.


Red beeps sure were, but they’re old hat now, BBC needs a massive change, an evolution.


and then, from the same channel, the last major relaunch from 2008 (I really don’t count the minor 2013/2019/2022/2023 relaunches for BBC News)


Phil Schofield has now admitted to having an affair with a MUCH younger This Morning staffer… and it’s leading BBC World News again! (7pm BST) Yalda Hakim did not look impressed.


It’s a big story so of course it’s going to lead the news. Don’t forget the “world news” channel also serves British expats.

Though I must admit I am sick of seeing his name everywhere!

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oh no, the new “design language” is spreading Focus on Africa : promo - Coming soon from Nairobi - YouTube