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Stephen McDonell is now BBC’s China Correspondent.

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Here’s an internal test card loop I captured:

It has various phone numbers on it, which I’ve blurred for privacy reasons.


Hywel Griffith announced as the BBC’s new Australia and New Zealand correspondent

BBC News has appointed Hywel Griffith as the new Australia and New Zealand correspondent, commencing in September 2016. Hywel will be relocating to Sydney, Australia from Wales, where he is currently the BBC’s Wales correspondent.

In his new posting, Hywel will report on the latest political, economic and cultural news for the BBC’s international news channel BBC World News and, as well as covering news stories for the BBC’s news services within the UK.

Hywel joined the BBC in 2000 after winning a place on the graduate training scheme. A placement at BBC Wales’ Cardiff newsroom led to him basing his career there. His first on-screen role was as the West Wales reporter for BBC Wales Today in 2002, before becoming BBC Wales’ Health Correspondent in 2005. In 2012, after a stint in the London newsroom, Hywel was appointed the Wales correspondent for BBC network news. This role has seen him report regularly across the BBC’s flagship news programmes such as the News at Six and News at Ten, as well as BBC Radio 4’s Today and PM programmes.

Hywel has covered a huge range of stories, from murder trials to major international sporting fixtures, as well as several elections. His work has taken him across Europe, and has led to reporting assignments in Australia, USA and the Caribbean.

Andrew Roy, Foreign Editor, BBC News comments, “Hywel is an experienced journalist who has enjoyed a long career with the BBC in Wales covering some of the most significant domestic stories. I know he will embrace this next chapter getting to the heart of the biggest stories in Australia, New Zealand and across the Pacific for the BBC’s audiences in the UK and globally.”

Hywel comments, “This is an incredible opportunity, and one which I relish, as there is so much happening in the region at the moment. Some of the issues are already familiar from my time working in the UK, such as concerns over immigration, the economy and the future of heavy industries. But there many other stories which need to be told – around the changing shape of society, the region’s relationship with the rest of the world, and the challenge of environmental change. Until now my time in Australia and New Zealand has been as a visitor, but I look forward to getting to know the region and telling the stories which I know will be of interest to the BBC’s audiences around the world.”

Hywel Griffith replaces Jon Donnison who has concluded his three year posting in Australia.


Very dull new look for BBC Parliament…


Odd you say dull considering that it’s now full of colour instead of just red white and grey.


it is dull though, crappy graphics and so slow and boring. looks like a loading screen of some educational CD-Rom.


Um, this is BBC Parliament we are talking about here isn’t it? The slower and more boring the better.


Updated graphics and theme for Global

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BBC Washington correspondent Jon Sopel’s mysterious glove appearance:


I assume this news story I captured is supposed to be internal only – it shows how BBC News farewells their staff members:


V Funny :smile:


I lost it when the kid walked in. Lost it again when the baby turned up. Had to stop watching when the mum/nanny slid in at top speed.


The mother’s ability to slide under pressure was just perfect. Reminded me of drifting in Mario Kart.


They really needed the dog to run in is as well then possibly a budgie to fly around the room

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BBC reporter Ben Brown accidentally gropes a woman who interrupted an interview.


Is this not the most insane example of the BBC’s pathetic far-left bias? “Three Palestinians killed” screams the headline…being individuals who had actually just murdered an Israeli policewoman.

Shameful. The taking over of mainstream media sources in the west by the far-left is the main reason why trust in the mainstream media is at an all time low.

I know I sometimes point out instances of bias in ABC News - compared with BBC News, the ABC is positively right wing.


(just bumping this thread up on account of the above post which didn’t bump it up the ladder when it was shifted from another thread)


Headline is different on the site, and aligns with what you (and I) think the headline should be.


They probably shouldn’t have used that headline exactly, but they do try to put things in context.


Do not adjust your set - 4 minutes of a news reader not reading the news.