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New BBC News subsidiary: BBC Verify.

The blue globe looks more interesting than their holding division’s :joy:

There’s also a new related programme on the channel schedule. Probably the new department has something to do with it?

And hopefully this will also unite their Reality Check brand of stories - the name just doesn’t age well🙈


‘Verify/verified’ seems to be the new buzzword, so no wonder the BBC are running with it! They are also giving some other slots new names:

  • Lucy Hockings’ slot (12-3pm UK) is to be called ‘BBC News Now’
  • Yalda Hakim’s slot (6-8pm UK) will be branded ‘The Daily Global’

I suspect in content they will all remain fairly similar, so to me it seems slightly pointless to bother giving them special branding.



This, unbelievably, led the BBC World News earlier on! (4pm BST bulletin) Very poor editorial judgement for what is supposed to be a global news channel. No one outside of the UK/Ireland and maybe New Zealand (if any Kiwis remember him from Shazam/Radio Hauraki 40 years ago!) knows who he is! Absolutely astonishing.

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It’s also supposed to be a UK news channel.

Now with a predominately single output across two channels (BBC News domestically and internationally) - this was going to happen at some point.

The BBC say they’ve got the ability to dual feed for significant domestic stories, this simply doesn’t meet that benchmark though


It led every news channel in the UK. If you flicked through at 4pm BBc, Sky, GBN and Talk all had it on. It was big news.

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No doubt it’s a big story - but its not realistically going to necessitate splitting the feed, especially given its the weekend


Well yes, but it’s a UK channel broadcasting worldwide - and the BBC have made it very clear that the global audience takes priority. Most of the rest of the world has no clue who Phillip Schofield is, so why make that the top story? Tbh I don’t think it should even have led a UK-only bulletin. It’s a second story at most.


Have they? Because the message they’ve conveyed through PR domestically to us here in the UK is that it’s still focused on domestic UK audiences

Viewership is down significantly since the changes - so they are probably reacting to that with more UK focus now


I think if you look at the content of the channel, it’s very clear that the sustaining feed - which is what the global audience gets - is world-focussed, at least on paper. The presenters are all from what was BBC World News, the content is world-focussed (at least on weekdays) and there are lots of opt-outs for UK viewers (like the simulcasts of Breakfast, Newsnight, the BBC1 bulletins). If it really were a UK-focussed channel (like Sky News) then I don’t think there would be so many opt outs.

Tbh I think they should just be clear that it’s a world news channel. I don’t think the two news channels should have been merged in the first place, but I get that there was no more money to keep them both. The UK is at least well served by the bulletins, radio and so forth. Selling to a global audience is obviously much more lucrative - so focus on that.


For political reasons, support and funding it’s very important they try and somewhat maintain that in the UK it’s still a domestic news channel.

BBC is facing huge headwinds - they need wins in UK soil too


Yeah, they’re saying it’s domestic focussed in the UK, and globally focussed for the rest of the world, but in reality you can’t be both.

What this Schofield business highlights is that it’s possible to split the feed for major events that are known well in advance, eg. elections.

I imagine they also have plans in place to split the feed when big UK or international news breaks and is an on-going situation, but that would take a few hours to ramp up, eg. setup studio, get staff in, get running orders in place, etc.

But for stuff like this, you’re going to get the worst of both worlds.


BBC News channel launches three new programme formats

Following the launch of the single news channel operation in March, BBC News has confirmed details of new programmes, which begin to air today (Monday). These will be anchored by the channel’s chief presenters based in the UK.

The reactive and fast-paced BBC News Now with Lucy Hockings (12pm BST to 3pm BST) will cover several stories throughout the programme, using Lucy’s versatile and accessible style in an immersive format designed to move seamlessly from story to story.

The best of the BBC’s forensic analysis and journalism will be at the heart of Verified Live with Matthew Amroliwala (3pm BST to 6pm BST). Verified Live will delve into the key stories behind the headlines and work closely with BBC Verify, the BBC’s new verification hub and brand, which will use advanced editorial tools and techniques to investigate, source and verify information, video, and images.

The Daily Global with Yalda Hakim (6pm BST to 8pmBST) will be a deep-dive into some of the significant stories of the day, using Yalda’s trademark in-depth, news-making interviews combined with a unique global perspective.

The new programmes will join The Context with Christian Fraser (8pm BST to 10pm BST) which relaunched with a new format last month. The programme is known for its conversational style, regular panellists and thorough analysis, discussion and debate.

Fellow chief presenter Maryam Moshiri will move across all programmes.

Paul Royall, Interim Executive Editor, BBC News channel says: “This is an exciting moment for the channel as we continue to shape our schedules. These new programmes will provide viewers with the trusted, impartial journalism they expect from us, but with new, innovative formats which will deliver the best viewing experience.”

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Looks crap. All of it. 'nuff said. To think the BBC was once the envy of the world.


The UK feed regularly opts-out for breaking news (usually only on weekdays), but it’s a proper barebones set-up - we’re talking a presenter stood in front of a screen on the newsroom balcony (so you can hear all the background noise!). You can see it below:

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The rest of the ensemble:

News Now can be charitably said to be simplistic, but uncharitably said bland and unfinished; the dotted Verified Live had some promises, but it looks like a still image moving around. The Daily Global is the closest to the main graphics and colour palette, but the left-aligned title just looks like promo endboards than programme open for me.