Bachelor in Paradise


Lisa and Luke have ended their relationship, three months after leaving the show (which aired last night).


So basically, they’re all root rats who can’t keep it in their pants, so can’t have a successful monogamous relationship.


The real reason that Lisa left was she had to go back for something work related, so pressured Luke to do so soon. Obviously it was too soon and she wasted her experience just sticking to him from the get go.

I don’t understand the appeal of Apollo. I would much prefer Michael or Jake over him.


I understand the appeal. He is an overall nice guy and he’s buff.


Really? He is a magician. Doesn’t that just say it all. I too find Jake quite attractive. Michael not so much.


He has a big, magical wand apparently.


Could you imagine the tricks he could do with that.


A reality show is not real. :open_mouth: That never happens. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Look at the positioning of the arms…:thinking::rofl:

The Bachelor Australia

When I first saw this promotion this afternoon on the shows Instagram story I saw the arm thing straight away but worked out what was going on in the image they used.


The promos never said it was a lesbian kiss. Viewers made that conclusion cos the scene looked like Elora that Meagan was kissing but it was Tom.


At the top, is that a reflection of two people at the shopping centre looking at the video billboard? The girl on the right looks scared and the woman on the left is laughing.


Oh come on. Watch the actual promo and tell us they did not at least allude that she did.


Reality shows have been around for decades. People should be used to false advertising by now.


That’s alright then. :wink:


The final episode is scheduled for Monday April 30 at 7.30pm.


Catching up the episodes on YouTube right now (you need an account to catch up on the show on tenplay). Thomas, Sam, Jarrod and Apollo in the milk bathtub together is so funny :laughing:


Also currently showing encore episodes on Eleven.


Last night felt like the show has lost a little bit of steam. Too many people coupled up and not much hope for those that are not. I’m still enjoying it but it definitely feels like it’s the right time to start wrapping it up. I guess tonight will be the final rose ceremony and then the final 2 episodes will focus on the current couples and whether or not they will stay together post show.

Although the preview for tonight looks like there is still some last minute drama left to go. Osher removing a rose from the ceremony possibly means someone walks out? Hopefully we can have one last burst of drama!!

Also the scene with Leah walking out in her fave dress was hilarious. She was never just going to sneak out like some of the others did, it was always going to be a big scene to be as dramatic as possible.


I haven’t watched tonight’s episode yet, but have a question for anyone that has seen more of the US version than I have, do people walk out of it as much as they have here?

It has caused a bit of a lull right at the end now.