Bachelor in Paradise


Agree. Perhaps given that they’ve been doing ‘After Paradise’ this season after every rose ceremony it wouldn’t be too hard for them to do a reunion style show as a follow up after the finale. Would certainly make for some interesting watching!


they won’t show Bach in Paradise on ANZAC Day, instead Bondi Rescue will air in its place.


Ok. The finale will then air on Sunday April 29.


Best. Bach. Episode. Ever.


It was good but I wasn’t that surprised by most of it. From the promos and editing in the lead up you could pretty much work out Michael was giving his rose to Lisa and the promo showed Keira getting a rose so we knew she wasn’t going to go home (despite the lead up making it look as though nobody would give her one). The one big surprise though was Eden picking Elora and Nina eventually being the one going. Then next week it looks like Elora has no interest in Eden.

As for Nina - she’s getting trolled a lot online for not kissing Eden. I’m not sure what to think… I respect if that’s a boundary for her on TV or her morals but at the same time she is going on a dating show so can’t be too conservative and other side needs to see that affection. Plus she was the one frothing over the hot Canadian and also the one who stood on Sydney Harbour Bridge pashing Sam for a world record… right?

I don’t know what it is about Keira but everything she does just makes such captivating viewing. Whether she’s just being entertaining, being the villain or even when she’s in tears I can’t help but feel for her. She seems like a misunderstood teenage girl who is easy to get fired up but at the same time gets really emotional and upset over things easily. She is definitely the best thing about this show.


Trolls shouldn’t be trolling her for not kissing Eden. She doesn’t need to kiss him. But it was clear she wasn’t attracted to him and should have just not given him a rose last week. She was clearly attracted to Daniel.


I haven’t seen every episode this season but have enjoyed the ones I have seen. I just feel ten have rushed through the series a little and some of the episodes have dragged on a little. Does anyone think they could have done three episodes a week with 1 rose and aired Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday with Show Me The Movie on either Sundays or Mondays? Might be a thought for next year.


Show Me The Movie is already getting mediocre ratings on a Thursday so I think if moved to Sunday or Monday it would drop down to the 200-300k mark.


I’m not suggesting they move it now… Its too late. Just think that could have been an option for either next year (not necessarily show me the movie either) or something they should have considered earlier. Its too late to edit bachelor anyway.


I agree. They need to build it off the back of high rating content. But alas ten don’t have anything like that


Another good episode which is surely building to another dramatic rose ceremony tonight (even if it’s just who is going to choose Apollo!). They couldn’t’ have timed adding Simone, Elora and Apollo onto this more perfectly. Looks like there is a lot of off screen tension that has built up between these girls. The preview for tonight shows someone writing a fake letter to Elora? I wonder what that could be all about.

On a side note - I rarely hear people talking about TV shows at work but this show has generated a lot of water cooler talk in my office. Someone brought it up today and everyone seemed to jump in and know what was going on.


So tonight is the night it looks like 3 people quit!

From the preview it looks mostly due to the Elora/Simone/Apollo drama, but they do show a snippet of Michael and then Luke who looks really upset.


According to TV Week, one (or maybe two) eliminated contestants will be back next week.

The photo shows Flo and the sleazy Canadian guy.


Florence would be good value, Daniel the Canadian not so much.


wow, I guess they need replacements due to people quitting. This is going to be gold… they are the best two of the eliminated contestants to bring back if we want drama.


I’m surprised to see that they’re resorting to these Big Brother tactics so soon.


Speaking of Flo, AdNews reports Daily Mail has apologised for its article which used the c-word to describe her, before changing the live article two hours later.


Well I doubt bringing them back was originally planned. They have a certain number of episodes to fill. If people unexpectedly quit they would want replacements. Also by the time Flo comes back quite a number of people have come and gone so it will be a very different environment.


They are just becoming sleazier and even more disgusting every week.


Someone should win an award for “best reality series script” for the plot on the series so far :slight_smile: . Perhaps Unreal can use the “faux love letter” plot sometime soon.