Bachelor in Paradise


This show is so much fun. And we still have Apollo to come! :wink:


Very abrupt ending tonight. I didn’t realise what happened had really happened until I saw the Official Facebook page.

Vague posting for our interstate friends.


Agree, I looked away for a moment and then it was all over.


Tonight’s ending was revealed in an interview with Jarrod inside this week’s TV Week.


There are rumours that someone is removed from the show. I’m thinking thats going to be Laurina after this incident tonight. Refusing to ho on a date on a dating show… pathetic.

Keira was Gold as always. Despite going off her nutter Jarrod still looking at her like a puppy dog. What a loser.

So tomorrow is meant to be the most dramatic rose ceremony in the shows history? Looks like people running out, people crying… bring it on!!


You may change your mind after reading this, warning that there might be some spoilers but it gives the situation some context.


According to an article that I read today, Micheal quits the show and three more people quit with him.


Woah, spoiler alert!! :wilted_flower:


Man after watching this show i feel myself i have drunk a lot of cocktails! They obviously just shoot during happy hour :joy:


Laurina told News Corp that after she dramatically quit in tonight’s episode, she had found love with another man and could reveal his identity in an exclusive magazine deal.



She should have never refused to be a ho. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Why are there articles everywhere about her quitting the show? Even Laurina has posted about it yet it wasnt clear in last nights ep that she has actually quit… #spoileralert


She said she was leaving at the end of last night’s show. The episode just ended very abruptly with her walking away from the camera because she didn’t want to go into specific reasons she left the show.


It felt like it ended on a cliff hanger that she was furious over being asked on a date, rather than leaving the show. I have watched the scene back again as they posted it on the Facebook page with the title ‘Laurina Leaves’ and it still wasn’t obvious to me that it meant she had left Paradise. They could have made it a bit more obvious, showed her walking out or had comment from someone else about her leaving. I assume the next episode will just start up with someone mentioning that Laurina left last night.

Also as much as I’m loving this show I’m finding some of the editing a little sloppy that isn’t showing us the full picture. I get that some conversations might not be caught on camera as each person wouldn’t have a cameraman 24.7 but often we see drama and not the events leading up to it. For example Laurina not giving the Canadian a rose because he said some derogatory comment but we never saw or found out what that was. Then last night we saw Keira going off but on her instagram story last night she was saying that they edited out some key conversations that resulted in her reacting like that and she thinks whoever edited the episode should be fired. Even things like Jarrod wanting to give Ali a rose and then the second Mack takes his chance of giving her a rose, the next episode he is all about Keira again and Ali is off his radar immediately. Some things don’t make sense.

Anyway not sure what is going to happen tonight at the rose ceremony. There is only 1 more girl than guy but if more people or someone else quits there could be a big imbalance in gender numbers.

Any idea how much longer the season has? I guess at the start it would be around 12 episodes so next week could be the last week?


Here’s my guess on what happens tonight. From watching the preview for tonight’s episode I’m predicting that Michael gives his rose to Lisa (as she is standing there crying) and he says he’s dogged a mate. Then if the rumours are true this causes him to quit. I have no idea why Keira is crying though and you can tell from the preview that it is not Jarrod handing Keira a rose as it’s someone with a different shirt and watch. Wait and see I guess but I can’t wait haha. So hooked.


In the Foxtel EPG it shows episodes going up to Tuesday April 24 with Wednesdays details not available yet. I am assuming Bachelor will finish the next day which is Anzac day as Roseanne begins on the following Monday.



I reckon they will just skip Wednesday 25th being ANZAC day and the finale will likely air on Sunday 29th with Rosanne starting the next day, Monday 30th as you mention.


I would love them to do a proper studio reunion for this show. It would be perfect off the back of a finale to see where the couples are at since the show finished filming and I think it would get pretty fiery too.