Bachelor in Paradise


Well because he told them he was single. He even said that to the producers during last night show but clearly he was lying. Steph his girlfriend(from Matty Js season) was lined up to come in too but they dropped her from the cast after all of this drama. Obviously they were desperate to be on TV and wanted to make out like they had formed some big love story on the show. Going by Brett’s instagram the two are definitely a couple, however he claims he was edited to look like the bad guy when it was just a casual relationship and that he joined the show on the assumption that Steph was joining from the beginning with him. Regardless he deserved to go and she deserved to be kicked from the cast.

Second ep was even better than the first. Keira did a post saying it gets really good from ep 3.


According to the Foxtel guide, Bachelor is on Sunday-Wednesday starting from the 8th of April.


Awesome. I’m loving this season and am hooked, so the more the nights the better!

I’m just wondering how many episodes they’ve filmed if they’ve bumped up the nights. I didn’t think it would be more than a normal Bachelor season?


It was indicated last year that this was the plan with Paradise, ie it wouldn’t be a Wed/Thu show like the other franchises. I believe that this and next week it is just two eps a week because it is non-ratings. If it hadn’t been delayed because of Married AFS it would have run 4 nights per week earlier as well.


They must have a lot of episodes up their sleeves then. I’m thinking maybe 16 episodes if they planned to air it 4 times a week (maybe was intended to last for 4 nights for 4 weeks).

It will be better when it’s on more nights, I think the show will gain a lot of momentum as it goes along. A lot of people on the show are saying it gets really crazy from episode 3, and the previews for the next couple of episodes really have me hanging out for them!


I think Flo is a goner tonight which would be a shame because she has been a great casting choice. Can’t wait to see the Keira meltdown and what on earth happens at this rose ceremony. From a few articles that I’ve read it seems like Laurina lost interest in Blake very quickly but felt the pressure to stick with him - so possibly she declines his rose? Or the fact that he swears in the preview makes me think he blurts out the wrong name.

I’m hopelessly hooked on this show and I love that we have something like this on primetime in Aus. What I love about this show is that it reminds of Paradise Hotel, a late night US reality show that Nine used to air when I was a teenager. The casting has been pretty much spot on, especially the female cast are causing a lot of drama. The only thing I don’t like is that it seems like almost all the guys on the show are from Sophie’s season, would be good to get a few others from earlier seasons but we all know Apollo is still to come.


We watched it last night and it was indulgent fun. It’s basically Big Brother on an island.


That’s exactly it - it’s a real guilty pleasure and I can’t believe how invested I am getting in this. It’s definitely water cooler talk amongst my friends.

Btw Keira is legit TV gold - she never fails to deliver the drama on whatever she appears on.


One thing I noticed last night was lots of visible cameramen around the place, more than I’ve ever noticed before.


Yeah there seems to be a lot more of that this season, along with producers on camera or heard off-camera. It definitely has a different feel and flavour to a usual Bachelor/ette season.


I find Flo really irritating. So hopefully she goes


Much better episode tonight. Hopefully the drama continues.


Really good episode. That rose ceremony would have to be the craziest ever, had me on the edge of my seat. So many WTF moments started by Mack picking Ali and Jarrod choosing Keira as his sloppy seconds. Then huge LOL moment when Blake gave his rose to ‘Lenora’. Jake also pressuring Michael to pick Flo. I cant wait to see the drama off the back of this.


Ageee, much better episode. Did you watch After Paradise on tenplay? Great episode with Flo and Jarrod, it really should be airing on Eleven also.


Canadian personal trainer Daniel Maguire enters the show tonight after appearing on The Bachelorette and two seasons of Bachelor In Paradise in the US.


In the promos it’s shown that Keira shows a lot of interest early on when Daniel suddenly enters, in which case if they were to shack up and in the unlikely event of a relationship ensuing (although there is a marriage proposal apparently) she wouldn’t need to change her surname as they are both Maguire’s.


would Eddie Everywhere be the celebrant?

different spelling I know


Another great episode tonight.

Just finished watching After Paradise… is that canned laughter/audience? It sounds a bit off. I don’t think it was that bad last week.


Agree, so much drama and probably the best rose ceremony yet!

Was trying to work that out as well, I think some of it is canned (especially for the intro) and the rest must be the production staff and floor crew.


After a very ordinary start Paradise has hit its stride. Tonight’s episode was very entertaining and the rose ceremony full of curve balls.