Bachelor in Paradise


They havent. Its on the project on Monday


This was a story on The Good Fight recently. I thought it was based on something like Jersey Shore.


Why did they just spoil the whole show? Why show you everything that happens in the season at the start of the first episode?


All versions of The Bachelor/The Bachelorette do, even the US ones (usually even more). I didn’t find it gave too much away at all other than who some of the future participants will be.


But not only did you see some of the contestants not revealed until now but you also saw the couplings. That’s OK. No need to watch now. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


They swap around a fair bit on these shows. So much of it is just about making it through the next rose ceremony. Plus as has been shown through every version of these shows “love” lasts as long as the date they are on (if that).


I’m not sure how anything in that promo spoiled the outcome of this show. What couplings did you see that revealed who was with who by the end of this show? People come and go and go on dates but it doesn’t necesarily mean thats who they end up with. Its not like they showed who picked who at any rose ceremony.

Loved the first episode of this… already a lot of drama. It became a bit of the Flo show!


I’ll never know since it was boring as batshit and I switched off. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:




I fucking love it too. the amount of tomfoolery reminds me of any rowdy party. I’m loving the outtakes from the pre-game interview. seems like this show is gonna be a fuckfest.


New spinoff show ‘After Paradise’ to air at 8:30pm after the final rose ceremony exclusive to hosted by Osher.


Why not on Eleven?


Eleven would be perfect for the show. Another strange decision.


It should be on Eleven. What a waste.


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One of the bimbos being interviewed on The Project, and Peter Helliar said that when she met him at the Formula 1 Grand Prix on the weekend she thought he worked in sales. She had no clue who he was.


Last night’s opener was pretty slow. Why was Brett allowed to participate even though he had a girlfriend outside?


Looks like the after show is coming from the newsroom if they’re use the Daily Bailey video wall.


Why should she know who he is? I am sure there are many people in Australia who don’t know who he is.


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