Bachelor in Paradise


Any idea what will be airing on Sundays?


It is NCIS (new double episode); however, bear in mind that it is a non-ratings period so schedule may not be what goes forward after the Commonwealth Games conclude.


Not a bad idea airing double NCIS on Sundays.


Double episodes are never a good idea.


Starting at 7:30 isn’t a terrible idea.


I have a bad feeling about this one. I think it’s going to tank. Not as bad as TBL, but still poor.

Anyone else?


MAFS viewers will be looking for some replacement trash tv so it could attract a fair few of those eyeballs especially considering its non ratings period and not much else will be on.


For a show that hasn’t even aired yet, it sure does have a big following on social media already with 16.5k on Instagram and over 45k on Facebook.

Lots of engagement with comments, likes & shares on the majority of their posts and seems to be a fair bit of excitement for this series.

It’s hard to say whether the show will be successful or not, starting out on a Sunday when S1 floundered there is a risk and so is changing the nights it’s airing a week after it starts.

I hope it pays off for Ten.


I think Bachelor in Paradise is going to be a hit. A lot of the MAFS audience might flick over and The Bachelor has a solid following as it is. Plus launching against less competition over Easter definitely goes to it’s advantage and the demographic it appeals to might not be too swayed by the Commonwealth Games. I definitely feel a lot of hype amongst my group of friends who are keen to see a lot of these contestants again (especially the likes of Jarrod, Tara and Keira). Also the producers were confident they had a hit on their hands a few days into filming - it looks like there is a lot of drama in the season that will generate water cooler talk.


It might do a bit better than The Bachelor or The Bachelorette to start with, but I think it will end up with around the same ratings as those shows.


I think its going to be quite successful.


Quick observation - don’t most of the Australian bachie’s and 'ettes know each other already? They all seem to mix in the same social/work crowds.


And they’ve admitted that in some of the interviews I’ve heard.


I’m guessing the international “contestants” will be the wildcards in this show.


Yes - very similar set up to the US as well. In the US some have hooked up a few times; some meet just before the show, and others go on the show hoping to reconnect with someone. One very dysfunctional group :slight_smile:


That’s what makes it all the more interesting. There are a lot of different dynamics going in between everyone and it generally causes a lot of drama but a lot of them don’t know each other or at least not very well.


A female cast member in the US hired a lawyer and blamed producers for letting a sexual encounter go too far following a long day of drinking. Warner Bros. later cleared the show and its producers of any misconduct.

“Because of that drama that actually happened on the American series, there were some really strict guidelines around anybody getting intimate,” Laurina told the radio hosts.

“They had to go and flag it with production and say, ‘I’m consenting,’ and if anybody was caught frolicking intimately then production had the right to burst in the door and say, ‘Are you consenting?’”


Competition for the opening night just changed from Nine with 60 Minutes now taking the 7pm spot and Blue Planet II pushed to a later 8pm start.


I don’t think any of those shows are going to affect the Bachelor in Paradise audience.


Unless 60 Minutes has scored the AU rights to the Stormy Daniels interview. They already have a Kylie interview scheduled.