Bachelor in Paradise


The show premieres Sunday March 25 according to Sunday Herald Sun. It will air at 7.30pm. It should rate decently with lots of promotions during Ten’s coverage of Australian Formula One Grand Prix during the day.
Also, there is an article in TV Tonight saying the show needs to be on air before March 31 to be eligible for this year’s Logie Awards.



Yeah because those two have the same sort of audience right?


Full cast picture from Tara’s instagram


well clearly not.

take a look at the cover photo and this picture - no Jarrod, Laurina or Apollo


SMH says there are 30 contestants - 14 arrive on first night.


I think people fail to understand the format of this show. People come and go. This would be the initial cast photo but there are elimination ceremonies and people that don’t get paired up go home and then new arrivals come in. Although there are a few surprises in this initial cast photo that I never knew were doing the show. I forgot Leah was on this and it seems quite a few men from Sophie’s Bachelorette season will be on there.

I’m still surprised it’s as many as 30 contestants though, that seems a lot and will make it hard if they want to do future seasons as they would have used up most potential people from past seasons.


Are there going to be any contestants left for a second series?


In the US they keep coming back! Some meet up outside in between shows and others come back specifically hoping that one of the others will be there. Many seem to be unhappy in love.


On the extended preview shown tonight, two of the male contestants seen were from the US version of the show. I can’r remember ready that there would be US participants. I suppose there are fewer seasons to pick from with The Bachelorette.


On the super during I’m a Celeb tonight it said Monday 25 March instead of Sunday.


Don’t these people have jobs?

I thought there were a couple of people in the previews / photos that I didn’t recognise.
I guess the Bachelorette casts are generally smaller too so they have a much smaller pools of guys to choose from. Realistically though as if American contestants dating Aussies is going to work out. Clearly they are just there to make up numbers / be on TV.


This probably is their job.


I don’t know why they don’t just get some new Australian contestants. The majority of viewers will have no idea who these internationals are so it seems kind of pointless. When networks do this I often wonder if it’s just a stunt to improve their chances of having the show screened internationally.


Yeah I actually like the idea of throwing a handful of new contestants amongst the bunch to spice it up over Americans. They added some new contestants in the US in one of the Bachelor Pad seasons (which was a similar show that got previous Bachelor/Bachelorette contestants back competing for love and money).


Again tonight :face_with_monocle:


Bachelor In Paradise 101

Because everything works a little differently in Paradise, here’s what you need to know ahead of Sunday’s hotly anticipated premiere of Bachelor In Paradise.

You’ve loved and lost with these people before.

That’s right, your favourite Bachelors and Bachelorettes are back. Gone are the fresh-faced intros of seasons past – you know these people and their (love stories). You put yourself in Jarrod’s shoes as he forlornly walked that beach, and felt Laurina’s pain as she was offered baked goods she considered beneath a classy Bachelorette. But rest assured, after Bachelor In Paradise, you’ll know all of them even better.

They’re not in the mansion anymore.

Like Dorothy taking stock of her colourful new surroundings, you’ll quickly see that the setting has changed to the stuff of fantasies. Fabulous Fiji promises towering palms, sparkling surf, pure white beaches, bronzed bodies and hopefully a fairy-tale ending or two.

New arrivals mean new drama.

Bachelor In Paradise’s game of love is one of ever-shifting dynamics, so you can’t take any relationship for granted. While some who lay together may indeed stay together, the regular influx of new Bachelor and Bachelorettes to Paradise means that eyes will be caught, romantic bonds broken and the drama-o-meter regularly sent through the roof.

Date Cards have never been so potent.

Competition for Date Cards is nothing new, but with some new arrivals coming armed with the power to whisk whoever they fancy away on an exotic date (provided they say yes, of course), existing relationships will be put to the ultimate test. Expect the green-eyed monster to be a perennial fixture in Paradise.

There are Rose Ceremonies, but not as you know them.

No one person holds all the power in Bachelor In Paradise. Every second episode features a Rose Ceremony – but one will give the Bachelorettes the right to offer a coveted stem to the Bachelor of their choice, the next it’s the boys’ turn. And with odd numbers between the sexes, some will be left with nothing to kiss but Paradise goodbye.


Do we know how many episodes of Bachelor in Paradise there are and how many episodes are airing per week?


It looks like it will be twice a week (Sunday - where that week’s intruders enter and Monday - where the Rose Ceremony occurs).

I don’t know how many episodes but the BIP America, the show normally goes for 5-7 weeks (earlier seasons had one episode a week, the more recent have 2 episodes a week). So until something is announced, expect around 10-14 episodes. That should take us to the start of May where Marsterchef normally starts up.


it starts of as Sunday to Monday then it moves to Monday and Tuesday the following week