Bachelor in Paradise


Or maybe even people looking for some (temporary) ‘fame’.


I think we have a winner here!

Surely most people are intelligent enough to realise that a majority of the contestants on programs in the dating/relationships/wedding genre are more about people trying to boost their media profiles than actually finding love?


3 of the 4 couples that were together at the end of the show stayed together for a good 8 or 9 months (Jarrod and Keira moved in together), so that’s more than just dating or a hook up. Relationships don’t always work out, particularly harder when you are in the public eye, live in different states etc. Although I would say real life success rate is just as low (if not lower) than these shows. There are still a number of Bachelor/Bachelorette couples still together or lasted together for a considerable amount of time.

Bachelor in Paradise def my fave of the dating shows. Loved it. So glad that it’s coming back. I guess we can expect a lot of contestants from this season Bachelor/Bachelorette’s plus some returnee’s. I would love to see Keira come back.


If you listened to the interview with Keira on Fitzy&Wippa you would have heard how much of a priority a “relationship” was for either of them and how much more interested they are in “building a profile” on the social and getting famous. If you think any of these people don’t have that as a main priority, then you’re just kidding yourself.


Apparently Jake and Meagan are back together as they’ve been spotted together a few times doing coupley things the last couple of weeks.





I assumed that the top 4 girls from this season would all make an appearance, unless Brooke or Sophie are being considered for the Bachelorette (or a double Bachelorette?).

I think I heard that the show started filming recently but I also saw pics on an instagram story of Nathan and Cass together on a beach in Sydney. I’m not sure if they are just friends and new each other prior to filming or if they met on the show. Although I’m pretty sure last year the show filmed in later November/early December.



Yep it seems like filming is going to commence in the next few days.

Charlie appears to be dating Dasha so that would rule him off BIP. So the two guys are probably whoever doesn’t win out of Todd, Bill and Taite. I’m expecting a lot of guys and girls from this years versions to be on though. There will be repeats from last season but they can’t have too many.


Numerous contestants have been spotted leaving for Fiji at airports just prior to filming commencing in the next few days. So it seems some confirmed or highly rumoured contestants for next season include:

Rich Strahan and Alex Nation seem pretty much confirmed.

From Honey Badgers season a few of the villains Cat, Alisha and Vanessa Sunshine. Also Shannon Braff.
Obviously Brooke and Cass have already been confirmed but I’m guessing they will be intruders at some point.

From the current season of Bachelorette Nathan and Jules have both been spotted flying to Fiji.

Also from last seasons Bachelor in Paradise Sam Cochrane (aka who proposed to Tara) and Rachel Gouvignon are apparently headed back


They announced on Instagram they were back together and had declined to appear on season 2 of Bachelor in Paradise. Looks like Jarrod and Keira are back together as well.


Good to see both couples are back together.


They probably broke up just in case they got chosen for the show. When they weren’t chosen got back together. Reality.


I thought that would have been the case too but apparently it was the other way around. Either Meagan or Jake were offered to go on season but turned it down because they had started seeing each other again. I’m not sure if it was the same with Keira and Jarrod or not but it is very coincidental the timing.


They’re all a bunch of fakes who were willing to compromise themselves and their relationships for more exposure on television.


Should we be expecting first promos to launch during this week with the premiere of Changing Rooms, I’m a Celeb finale and DWTS premiere?


Probably not. 10 won’t get the promos to air until all the buzz has died from those shows.


Yeah I doubt anytime soon. I’m guessing it will air around Easter time like last year? That’ still at least 2 months away.