Bachelor in Paradise


Tara and Sam have split. Did not see this coming.


Really? You’re really surprised? You haven’t noticed how the majority of Bachelor and Bachelorette couplings end up on the rocks?


It is surprising because they seemed like one of the most genuine couples that I’ve seen on a dating show and if anyone was going to last I would have put my money on them. It’s bizarre that they are done and then Jake and Meagan who basically split up in the finale seem to be going stronger than ever.



Such a shame. It’s funny that the only couple from Bach in Paradise now that are still together are Jake and Meagan, despite breaking up and leaving in the second last episode.

I guess the good thing is that Keira can now maybe come back for season 2. :smile:


Do they do that in international series, return again?


And again …!


Well most of those American’s that appeared on our version were doing it for a third time having done the US twice before. Obviously they would want a lot of fresh faces but a handful of returnee’s to spice it up will always be in the mix. Otherwise the cast would pretty much just be contestants from this season of The Bachelor and Bachelorette.


Yeah that’s true, I just thought the appearance of the Americans was stunt casting and not necessarily something that’s normally done.

I also thought they had way too many familiar or interesting faces for the first season of this show and figured they would be left with no decent talent for another season if it was to go ahead - though i’m sure with enough money some might be tempted to come back again for another chance.


And then there were none:

Jake and Megan split


All just getting ready for the new season of Bachelor in Paradise. They need to get their income somehow.


Could this be true?

Reports Jarrod Woodgate dumped Keira Maguire for Sophie Monk


Doubt it, Sophie confirmed to Kylie & Jackie O last Friday she was seeing someone she met on a plane when flying back from Italy.

Also this ‘Exclusive’… :thinking:


Casting calls are out for next season. Everyone is getting their relationship status fixed so they can apply.


Dump your girlfriend/boyfriend to have another crack. How great are these people?


The show has been renewed for a second season. It was mentioned yesterday in Ten’s programming plan for this summer.


It’s one of the better ‘love’ shows out there so not surprised.


Love? Please.



My point was the fact that the show did alright in the ratings and very well in the demos (compared to TBL), which means that people do like how the show works (and therefore not surprising to see it renewed).


Dating or Hook-Up might be closer to the point.