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Ian Dickson has revealed Sharon Osbourne has asked him to keep an eye out on her daughter whilst filming for AGT.

“Because I worked with her mum and dad in the record industry, Sharon sent a message saying: ‘Can you look after my daughter? But also give her a bit of a slap if she needs coming down a peg.’

“I thought, wow, what will she do to me? You never want to get on the wrong side of Sharon” Dicko told The Telegraph.

An audience member who appears in a promo for the upcoming season of Australia’s Got Talent has become an internet sensation, The Telegraph reports.

In the promo for the Channel Nine show which will air in early 2016, the unknown man is shown dropping his draw in response to one of the acts on stage. One Twitter user said “this is the best reaction anyone has ever had to anything ever”.

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That would be scary to children.

Nine have advised that AGT will premiere on Monday 1 February.

First time in a while they won’t be kicking off their year with The Block.

I know it may just be my weird idea but I never feel that summer (and by that I mean actual seasons not TV schedules) is a great time for these shiny floor shows. I also seemed to loose interest in X Factor when the weather started to get warmer.

Either way, it is a point of difference but I think it will have competition from I’m A Celebrity which is very similar in tone (as in aims for a more fun tone).

Australia’s Got Talent


Australia’s Got Talent, the show that celebrates the unique and brilliant from all walks of life, will premiere on Monday, February 1, on Channel Nine.

Judges Kelly Osbourne, Ian “Dicko” Dickson, Eddie Perfect and Sophie Monk will be joined by host Dave Hughes in a search to discover Australia’s most remarkable new talent.

Auditions will feature a huge variety of acts including dance troupes, jugglers, magicians, incredible animals and death-defying stunts. No act is too big, small or outrageous for the AGT stage.

In an exciting AGT first, each of the judges will have one shot at the new Golden Buzzer that will put an act straight through to the semi-finals. And in another twist, this season will see the introduction of a viewer-voted Wildcard to send one lucky performer directly to the Grand Finale.

The Got Talent format, co-owned by FremantleMedia and Syco Entertainment globally, holds the Guinness World Records title for the highest number of adaptations, making it officially the world’s most successful reality TV format. Since 2006 it has expanded to 183 countries with more than 500 million viewers.

Australia’s Got Talent is a FremantleMedia Australia production in association with ZigZagTV for the Nine Network.


Nine reviving more crap that should’ve stayed buried, Celeb Apprentice, Farmer wants a Wife anyone?

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They are really pushing this one - bus end advertising in Brisbane

I saw, Dave Hughes head should never be that big.


9 will be holding off on showing The Block until after MKR to avoid being thumped but also they know that 7 will schedule House Rules after Easter and will try to knock it off. I expect The Block will start before House Rules does to steal it’s thunder despite them saying there will be no copycat scheduling.

I think this timing for AGT is actually really clever by Nine. Having been beaten first by the Voice in 2012 when on 7, then by X Factor in 2013, they’ve given the audience a break and will then launch this at the start of the year when there aren’t any talent shows to compete. It may be strange for audiences to have this type of show in February, and there are other big shows on, but the placement gives AGT the best chance to succeed IMO.

7 had previously scheduled several seasons starting in February.

Don’t forget there’s Reno Rumble as well so Nine could schedule that after Easter & keep The Block for the 2nd half of the year.

I’m not sure that AGT is going to do as well as Nine thinks it will. It’s going to be up against the juggernaut that is MKR which even if it suffers a ratings drop should do extremely well for Seven. Not to mention I’m a Celebrity should grow its audience following a decent first season and near-blanket promotion during the Big Bash.

:joy: I thought the same thing. That’s after I thought he was totally a plant by the producers.

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nope - The Block is scheduled for around September apparently - Reno Rumble will be the mid-season one.

Looks like the same crap Australians rejected the first time around.

Urgh to the addition of Dicko too.

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Isn’t Reno Rumble going up against MKR?

I’d say AGT might start of multi-night for auditions but settle into once a week, which is when RR can start.

Up against I’m a Celebrity and My Kitchen Rules. Don’t think it will last one season

Why are they all debuting their top shows on the same night…again?

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